My Dad is a member of Orange North Rotary Club.

Every year they raise money for charity by doing a barbecue at the ORANGE FIELD DAYS which are on from 20-22nd October.

They need a hand! So Theresa and I are going up to help them for those 3 days.


DO YOU WANT TO JOIN US? DO YOU KNOW ANYONE ELSE WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED? you don’t need to come the whole 3 days if you don’t want to. Non Rotarians are also welcome.

The actual work to be done would be helping out with cooking and serving BBQ.  I’m thinking I would spend a few hours each day helping at the BBQ, leaving plenty of time for other things. I think the BBQ organisers will be thankful for any help and flexible with the roster.

Here are some reasons why it would be good for you to come:

  • Meet good people.  Orange North club members have offered to billet volunteers from Wollongong.
  • Help out with a good cause (This year they are raising money for guide dogs for the blind. )
  • Meet more Huxtables (this may or may not be a plus in your view, so lets move on…)
  • Good food and wine. Get to the Orange wine festival  – its on 14th-30th october.

  • Have a look around the Field Days which are a seriously interesting agricultural expo with BIG TRACTORS
  • Opportunities for bike riding , golf, tennis (I’m taking my bike, clubs, racquet)
  • visit the world renowned scenery of the Towac valley and Mount Canobolas

If you are interested, please contact me on 0408372792. Once we know who is coming we can sort out transport.