President’s Report Number 2.7.18

This has been the week of changeovers in that I have now attended Corrimal’s, on the 13th June, Illawarra Sunrise’s on 24 June  and last Saturday the District Changeover so that I have had sufficient changeovers for the year. All changeovers were pleasant and friendly and all were run to time or close to it. Corrimal’s new President is Kay Mireylees and our new District Governor is Sue Haywood.

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President Brian’s Report No 26

Dr Ian Fargher spoke as our guest speaker on Friday and this just shows that our own club members can entertain equally with imported guest speakers. His topic, Forensic Accounting, was informative as well as entertaining. Ian revealed some of the work that he had done for his Phd., which he completed last Christmas. I won’t go into his topic matter as that will be in our Bulletin but I did want to point out that the Club has quite a number of members that have fabulous stories to tell us of their lives.

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