Minutes 6 July

Chris & Bill, Peter, John, Bernie, Norm, Ian W, Mark, Elaine DeV, Stephen
Edith acknowledged birthdays of Marion Pearman & Ian McMaugh.
Matters Arising
Flowers were not sent to Marion, since she was in IC but a card has been sent by Elaine.
Peter H announced that our next Guest Speaker will be Horrie Howard.
Renee Burton (UOW) will also be present at next meeting: re scholarships.
Reminder about the “Murder Mystery Night” at St Mary’s on 3rd August, which will be the Social Event for August.
Carol Jeffs informed the meeting that she will be on leave for the next 3-4 months, touring Europe. (bon voyage, buon viaggio and Gute Reise)

Minutes June 29 2018


Stephen Swan, David Swan, Betty Hassen, Ian Wilson, Peter Rixon


Brian welcomed the Rotarians presented.

A thankyou to Elaine Hart for the organisation of the well received changeover dinner.

Brian advised that Norm Miller expressed interest in the position of president elect. After a brief discussion, all members supported the nomination.

The role of secretary is still outstanding.

A joint meeting will be held on August 22 with Sue Haywood. The meeting on 24th canceled

The next social meeting will be Aug 3 at St Marys

Interact are holding a fund raising event selling lollies

Rhys turned up to join the party!


Edith won (again!) and wone a bottle of wine


Minutes  15th June, 2018

Club Assembly

Carol Jeffs, Chris Boddington, Bill Wessel, Ian Wilson, Yusuf Khalfan, Ian McMaugh, Bernadette McNamara, John Bilboe


President Brian
Explained that this meeting would be a Club Assembly, since there won’t be a meeting next Friday (22nd June) because the Changeover is on this Sunday.

Elaine Devries
1st Race Day Meeting 21st June
There was an error on the previous date emailed for 1st Race Day meeting, it will be on 21st Jun (not the 28th), still at Elaine’s place at 6pm.

Meeting with Novotel
They have accepted only 3 breakfast meetings per month And have lowered the price for the buffet to $19pp.

MOTION  That we accept the Novotel offer for the next 6 months (Moved Elaine./Seconded Edith)           CARRIED.
AMENDMENT For those not having breakfast, Members will pay $5.00   CARRIED  (Isla/Wynn)

President Brian
Changeover About 26-28 expected. Apologies from Corrimal President, instead Secretary Kay will be there.  Brian has talked to Sue Hayward about a Shared Presidency and that is acceptable. There will be a Joint Meeting Wed 22nd Aug so no 24th August Breakfast Meeting. Peter Rixon will now be Assistant DG  for Sothern District. Northern will now be Frank Pazzimenti.

Elaine Hart
3rd August; St Mary’s Murder Mystery Night.

Secretary Isla.
Letter of Thanks
1.  From Autism Spectrum Group. Thanking us for the donation and explaining that they will be using the money to “Teach Responsibilities”
2   From Kidz Canver for our $200 donation.
3   $200 for Aspect School

Peter Rixon
Attended the Imagination Library meeting and has suggested  a request for $500 donation.
9th August, there will be a Movie night.

Raffle was won by Elaine Hart 

Meeting Minutes 18/5/2018


Carol Jeffs, Chris Boddington, Bill Wessel, Rob Edwards, Yusuf Khalfan, Ian McMaugh, Wyn Jansen, Bernie McNamara

Brian welcomed members and the guest speaker Daniel Zanatta, who spoke on an engineering  project where he and fellow students plan to install 2 water tanks in Rwanda

After the talk, we discussed with Daniel some options to foster the relationship between Rotary and the Humanitarian group at the university


  • Ride4Rotary on Sunday a 9:00am
  • Special meeting Thursday May 24


Brian won a bottle of wine from the raffle


Meeting Minutes April 27 2018

Brian welcomed members to the meeting. The focus of the meeting was the talk by Betty on Wheel Chair basketball.

Chris Boddington, Bill Wessell, Rob Edwards, Peter Rixon, Ian Wilson, Yusuf Khalfan,, Elaine de Vries, Robyn Fanning

General Business

  • The club member survey closed at 5 pm April 27. Members encouraged to complete.
  • Working with children. To date only 3 responses. Isla will send out a reminder
  • Swing into wings.
    • To date 202 paying guests. Meeting at HARS planned for 3pm Tues May 1
    • Help need on Saturday to set up
  • Changeover dinner
    • Governor and Governor elect have accepted
  • Club awards coming up. Start thinking about this. Best Club Member, Community, PHF
  • Reminder about Corrimal Trivia (See calendar for details). Carol is organising a table

Speaker – Betty Hassen – When Wheels are made for working

The club was asked to provide feedback on Betty’s talk and her quest to support young basketballers with a physical disability

An outcome of the talk was that Ramsey Health (Through Paul) donated $4500 towards new wheel chairs! Betty was VERY surprised and shocked by the generosity of the gesture.


Raffle winner – Wyn (bottle of wine)

Minutes Meeting 20/4/2018 (Assembly)


Carol Jeffs, Chris Boddington, Bill Wessell, Rob Edwards, Peter Rixon, Ian Wilson, Yusuf Khalfan, Elaine Hart, Paul McGregor, David Swan, John Bilboe

Brian welcomed everyone to the meeting and then briefly reflected on the sacrifices of the ANZAC’s followed by a minutes silence

Feedback from Board Members


  • Re iterated the challenges facing the club (to be discussed at a special meeting)
    • Number of members at meetings
    • Revenue
    • Succession


  • No correspondence of note


  • Interchange are promoting our events on their website
  • Interchange should have an MOR with us to reflect this partnership
  • The members survey has been sent to all members. The cut off date is Friday April 27 @ 5 pm. Results will be presented to members


  • IRT are developing an initiative to support aged care. Approached Sunrise to be involved.

Swing into Wings

  • Meeting planned at HARS to ensure planning on track for the event
  • Susan Hayward and Stephen Britten have accepted invitations


Stephen S won a bottle of wine

Tony hit a kangaroo

Minutes Meeting 14/04/2018

In the absence of Brian, Elaine DeVries lead the meeting.

Elaine welcomed our guest speaker, Jake Pearson from Interchange.


Carol Jeffs, Chris Boddington, Bill Wessell, Peter Rixon, Brian Ashe, Ian Wilson, Janice Gray

Project Status

  • Isabel, a St Marys student will be attending RAIC from May 5 – 12
  • The members are working on a project “Overview of Social Justice”
  • Planning the Murder Mystery night fund raiser
  • Challenging teachers to compete in Ride4Rotary!!
  • 6 weeks to go
  • Involving SYSF in Facebook promotion
Swing into Wings
  • So far 142 paid attendees
  • No other Rotary clubs booked so far
  • 275 the target


Elaine DeVries won the raffle and may receive a bottle of wine!



Minutes Meeting 6/4/2018


Carol Jeff; Chris Boddington; Bill Wessell; Norm Miller; Yusuf Khalfan; Janice Gray; Stephen Swan


17 members

Guest Speaker

Sally Stephenson – Women’s Health Refuge

President Feedback

  1. End Trachoma.
    1. Regional meeting held. 3 speakers with over 100 attending.
    2. Excellent project.
    3. Australia is the only first world country that still has Trachoma.
    4. Basically exist in remote aboriginal townships and is associated with access to clean water and hygiene. The solution is some basic hygiene awareness and body/clothe washing
  2. Survey of Member views
    1. Letter to be sent to members explaining the purpose of the survey
    2. Survey to be sent out
    3. Special club meeting to be held to review and discuss results


  1. Edith won the raffle and received a bottle of wine
  2. David Swan has been fined In absentia by President Brian !!
  3. Betty entertained all with a “rant”



Meeting Minutes 16 Feb

Brian welcomed everyone to the meeting


John Bilboe, Tony McAdam, Ian

General Information

  • Regional Conference Mudgee March 2
  • Corrimal meeting on March 28
  • Combined Illawarra Rotary meeting March 28th
  • Feb 24 opportunity to see the Shell Cove development see Peter R
  • Thank you received for donation to Nepal





 Membership Meeting

  • Needs to be a presentation package for new prospects
  • Frequency of meetings
  • Venue

Presentation Peter Hill

  • Peter was leaving the Port Kembla cafe and noticed some one sitting on a bench
  • Peter checked if OK and the man responded “I will be dead in the morning”
  • Peter continued to talk to the man until he got up and walked down to the beach
  • Peter followed the man but he was annoyed
  • Peter called Lifeline and notified the police
  • The man disappeared into the sand dunes and the weather turned
  • Peter then walked back to his car (and got wet)


 Philippine Feedback

  • 1600 patients seen (508 dental patients and 800 teeth extracted)
  • Big turn around in demand this year compared to last
  • There was a local dental team and bus but our service preferred
  • Support from local Rotarians was good
  • Big demand for prevention!
  • There were many problems that the team could not tackle
  • John Bilboe is the local hero and proved that again this year



  • Yusuf won a bottle of wine

Weekly Meeting February 9 2018

The meeting was dedicated to the presentation of monies raised at the Race Day Function and the Christmas Raffle


Peter DeVries (Kembla Grange)

Jake Pearson (Interchange)

Renee Green (Lifeline)

Sally Stephenson (Women’s Health Centre)

Theresa Wolf  (Women’s Health Centre)

Theresa Huxtable

President’s Feedback

  • Australia day successful with 3 out of 4 bangs!!
  • Molly (sang anthem) made a difference
  • Improved PA system


  • Membership meeting Feb 7 at Rowan’s
  • District Conference March 2
  • Combined Illawarra Rotary Meeting March 28
  • Sue Clark is asking us to support Imagination Library

Raffle Presentation

This year the raffle had a reduced number of venues, with increased pricing raising $8300. Rowan thanked members for support

On behalf of Lifeline Renee accepted a cheque for $4000.

She referred to our long term relationship and told us that they current receive 2000 calls per month with 50 people trained pa

The money will be used towards training of new people;

Theresa Wolf accepted $4000  on behalf of the Women’s Health refuge.

The Health centre appreciates the support of Rotary and the money will be used to support women with disabilities.

Race Day Presentation

Although there were no horses on the course that day (rained out), everyone had a wonderful day.

A special thanks to Peter DeVries for his support and was presented with a gift

$5000 went to support Rotary Youth

$5000 towards the Philippines project

On behalf of Interchange Jake Pearson accepted a cheque for $7500

Jake commented Interchange focus on Carers that the introduction of the NDIS will affect the organisation so alternate funding is welcome

A staggering statistic is that 90% of marriages with a child with a disability result in divorce, reflecting the strain on the relatioship

The money will be used to ensure carers have respite

Swing into Wings

  • May 5th
  • Prizes, brochures and ticketing in place
  • Catering to be finalised
  • Target 275 people

Ride 4 Rotary

  • May 23 (to be confirmed)
  • St Marys involvement this year


Elaine D won the raffle and received a bottle of wine