Guest Speaker: IAN FARGHER, PhD (8th June 2018)

” The Cranston Affair”
“The biggest white-collar fraud racket in Australian history unravelled after 300 federal police officers raided 28 properties and arrested nine people, including the son and daughter of Australian Taxation Office Deputy Commissioner Michael Cranston” (SMH).
No doubt Ian’s PhD Thesis, could be turned into a Best Seller, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Water Supply Nyamata Rwanda

The Rwanda genocide of 1994 resulted in over 800 000 people killed in 100 Days. Now with reconciliation of waring tribes, the country is developing. However, 5M people are still without water and some 900 children die from diarrhea alone each year. Children can travel for up to 9 hours per day just to collect water

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Henry Karpik Guest Speaker

Henry Karpik became a volunteer with Vision Australia in 2014. Henry is a Community Presenter who speaks about his personal experience and strategies of living with low vision to community groups and schools. Henry has Aged Related Macular Degeneration and has been a client of Vision Australia since 2012 when his vision deteriorated rapidly. He now has very limited central vision and relies on his peripheral vision to see what little he can. Before retiring…

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