Autism Funding Partners Research Project


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Autism Funding Partners Research Project

The goal of this project is to make a difference in the lives of both children and adults with autism and their families through gaining a better understand of Autism through research.

Working in 3 way partnership with Australian Rotary Health and Australian Universities, Illawarra Sunrise Rotary Club has been able to attract an additional $1.60 for every one dollar we receive in donations. This money will be used to fund Australian Rotary Health 3 year Funding Partner PhD scholarships

Currently the club has two 3 year Funding Partner PhD scholarship:

Kelsie Boulton ARH PhD ScholarKelsie Boulton – Macquarie University

The underpinnings of social dysfunction in autsim and Williams Syndrome: from genes to brain to hormones

Simone Thomas ARH PhD ScholarSimone Thomas – Deakin University

Active Kids: A comprehensive biopsychosocial understanding of factors that enhance and hinder physical activity, social engagement and motor development in children with ASD

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