This is Glenda’s 42nd year working in the area of Disability Services and gave an interesting account of in her early years, there were no graduate /postgraduate options available, the closest was a course for ‘Mental Disorders” and she remembers well her posting at Marsden Psychiatric Centre.
In 1975 the ‘Girl from Bundeena’ was there when Community Health was born and Interchange began as a local boutique company. They now have 150 workers and volunteers but still maintain that their motto is to “BE BETTER NOT BIGGER”
Their services are as extensive as is their imagination. If it gives respite to carers or can provided improvised skills for their clients to better manage life skills then, they provide it.
They are now organising a CRUISE SHIP holiday with 15 cabins booked and of course additional cabins for volunteer carers and support staff and with the help of a very supportive Travel Agent.
Glenda then outlined exactly what the NDIS will mean for the future. It most certainly is the Reform that was essential. 1st July 2017 and it will commence in the Illawarra Region. It is a most welcome Reform for Glenda and Interchange, the current system is broken, defunct, unmanageable and unfair.  The flexibility and custom made options with the NDIS is very much the key to the changes.
We thank Glenda so much for a most informative address.

Minutes : 21st October Meeting

President Peter opened the meeting with updates on our new website. Most people opened the 2nd e-Newsletter Issue.  The post about last week’s Pilgrimage walk brought up 323 hits on the FB page, and so word is getting around.
Members are invited to complete the survey on the website (remember you must be ‘LOGGED IN” to access this.) on whether we should meet regularly…either weekly, fortnightly etc). Results will be reported at future meetings.

Upcoming Events

Wed 26th Oct
Halloween TAFE Dinner is a full house of 55. Cost to pay at the door is $35…members are encouraged to dress for the Halloween theme if you like to dress up, if not casual attire is also accepted. Hopefully there will be no “Scary Clowns” out in force because TAFE security may have to “intercept you”
Thu 27th Oct
4th Nov
Xmas Raffle selling starts at Harvey Norman, Figtree Grove, Friday Forage Markets. Check your rosters regularly.


Rowan Huxtable, Brian Ashe, Stephen Swan, Rob Edwards, Di North, John Pearman, David Swan,

Guest Speaker : John Montagner


As President Peter introduced in his report, John Montagner is no doubt an Adventure Traveller. His kind of holiday was not quite what most of the breakfast audience were accustomed to, walking 25kms per day, often for 33 days or even 100 days. Armed with a backpack that is usually 1/7th of your body weight, toilet habits controlled by signage stating “no shitting” ( or did it mean “sitting”) here, and blister stories that you could relate for decades, we were in awe that John not only does these walks but enjoys them also.
There were many tips however,  from our Adventurer for those who were shaking their heads just thinking about the experience.
♦You can catch a bus, especially through the boring bits
♦Luggage can be sent ahead to the evening’s accommodation
♦Every village passed through had a water fountain so no problems with hydration
♦Meals provided in the local villages were fantastic and yes there was wine.
♦The countryside and locals in the villages are magnificent.
♦Accommodation costs a donation of €10 ( or €30 in private facilities).

Unfortunately there was no time to look at John’s fabulous photos of his trek and so it was unanimously accepted that he come back again with more time allocated and just to start thinking about it, the major “camino” is 800kms and at any given September  over 30,000 walkers are on the road.
Pics: John with the camino map behind him and the certificate received on completion.

20161014_081322      20161014_082932



Minutes of 14th October

President Peter displayed his burgeoning skills with technology with a screen display of upcoming events as background to our breakfasting – great idea. Perhaps we can have some soft background music to accompany the calendar for the next development – wow- now that would be something!  Up on the screen were also “Pearls of Wisdom” from Bob Laing and one in particular was “The Senager” (a Senior Teenager)…worth a read.

OCTOBER DATES to remember
Wed 19th : Board Meeting 6.00 for 6.15pm
Wed 26th : TAFE Halloween Dinner
Thu 27th   : RACE DAY Meeting at Elaine’s
Sat 12th NOV : RACE DAY


John B
John has packed another 35 boxes of computers off to the Philippines and it seems Margaret has put a (temporary?)  stop to “Divorce Proceedings” because she can now put her car back in the garage. So this Saturday (along with another 20 boxes from Glenhaven) will be fare welled into their container. It was enlightening to hear that John is also a cost-effective and sustainable exporter extraordinaire. Why?
When John first began his transport of ‘unloved computers’  from the corporate sector he was asked what the costs would be to transport them to the Philippines and stated it was $100 per box and so a wonderful benefactor said that the cost would be “taken care of”… however rather than use packaging or bubble wrap to protect the valuable goods, he has used clothing, blankets and toys ( and anything else he can commandeer) to use up the space.

Was won by Bill Wessell ( only because Edith wasn’t there)

Apologies Rob Edwards, Stephen Swan, Brian Ashe, Di North, Edith & Ian Wilson.

Presidents Report for 14 Oct Meeting

Members and friends of Rotary Club of Illawarra Sunrise are great people. Three events took place this week; each event was enthusiastically supported along with fun. So what happened?
A newsletter sub-committee meeting was held on Tuesday night 4th October. You will see a little change in the delivery of the newsletter. Presently, it comes as an attachment to an email. In the future it will be the email. The difference being is in the future you do not have to click an attachment, just read the email. The newsletter will still continue each week.
Club Meeting on Friday where our guest speaker was Tom Hunt. Tom told us about his family living in Oak Flats on the shore of Lake Illawarra for some 13 years. He had heard about the potential sea level rise and since they were now living just a few metres above sea level Tom figured he would do some reading on the subject of climate change to see what the real story was.
Tom explained that he was fascinated by the facts he learned from encyclopaedias and scientific papers about the history of our planet. How big the changes have been to life on Earth over millions of years. Tom was impressed by just how stable our climate has been over the last 8,000 years since the “dawn of civilisation”. In comparison to other periods, this last 8,000 years has been very kind to mankind it seems.
There is a fair deal of controversy about climate change, but a lot of conflicting information being bandied about every day in the media. There are passionate people telling very compelling stories on the subject from all sorts of viewpoints. Tom seeks to clarify things with some simple basics.
Tom used a big glass container filled with a measured amount of water. Using ink droplets which volume was also known. Tom portrayed via the ink how much carbon was in the atmosphere 8,000 years ago. Tom added a few drops more to reflect the amount of carbon is in the atmosphere today.
Tom explained, this additional carbon in today’s atmosphere is what is causing the rise in temperature and therefore a rise in sea levels.
Christmas Raffle was well supported at each of the two days I attended. PP Tony had our little Gazebo along with the banners well organised. The whole three days were well organised and the results are a testimony to this.
I enjoyed the fellowship of my fellow Rotarians during my stint at selling the raffle tickets. I was also grateful to our community that were so willing to support us with the purchase of the raffle tickets.
Do not forget our Race Day committee meeting this Thursday 13th at Bernie’s home

Minutes of Fri 7 Oct Meeting


Today was HAT DAY, in support of Mental Illness and most of our members were resplendent in quality headwear, however, some members came in wigs, which was of course not an acceptable “hat”, others resorted to stealing other members cycling helmets, using paper napkins from the table and one has to single out the President, who came in a combined dreadlocks wig with a strange bonnet attachment. However money raised was for a great cause.


Christmas Raffle
Today is the 1st Day of the Christmas Raffle with tickets to be sold at the Book Market. Members are reminded to Pick up the folder (which contains absolutely everything you need to know) at start of each day, leave $20 float at end of day and return remainder of money collected at the next Rotary Meeting.
TAFE Halloween Dinner
50 are now going, $35 pp and money can be paid at Breakfast Meetings.


  • Don’t forget to fill out lists for Volunteer Hours
  • Honeywell Engineering Summer School is inviting candidates to attend. It was reported that there will be a candidate from St Mary’s
  • In the District Governor’s Report, ideas are being sought on how to celebrate District’s 100th
  • 22 Nov at 8.50 there will be a “WEBinar” on Rotary Retention.

The previous postponed ‘Membership Meeting’ will now take place on Tue 18 Oct chez Rowan @ 7pm. BBQ as usual.
On the 14th there will be a  “SOLAR” dance at Corrimal Surf Club. $22pp

Thursday will be a Race Meeting at Bernie’s.

Chris & Bill’s Holiday Highlights

The holiday was mainly to see family, but they did catch up with former Exchange Students, however when driving through Europe with their trusted GPS device all was smooth-driving until they hit Czechoslovakia, which was not covered in their Western Europe Maps so 5 days were tackled with no language or navigation support.


Was won by Edith (again)


Apologies : Rob Edwards, David Swan, Brian Ashe, Elaine de Vries, Di North, Bernie McNamara
Visiting Rotarians : Yvonne Walker
Rotary Friends : Betty Hassen
Visitors : Matty
Guest Speaker: TOM HUNT from UOW : Project Management.

Guest Speaker 7.10.16 TOM HUNT


Tom is not an unknown to Rotary having been President of Rotary Clubs in the past and even earlier a Rotaract member. He is now based at UOW in the field of Project Management and spoke with us today about the Climate Change debate. He addressed his audience with a show of hands of who was a climate change advocate and it seemed to be a 50/50 response.

His ‘Interest” in the CC debate began quite recently, only 10 years ago when he moved into his house on the lake at Oak Flats. Prior to that he admitted that his research was usually what based on media reports which were limited and not particularly front page news.

Tom made reference to 3 key factors that has brought him to his current view:
The past 10-15 years have been the hottest since records were kept.
Sea levels are now fluctuating with 120m lowering rates and 70m higher rates so sea levels are changing In Iceland research has demonstrated that drilling through ice layers, chemical changes are considerable changed compared to now and measurements dated at 600,000 years ago.

And then he demonstrated the Carbon Issue with a flagon of water and 5 drops of ink as a model of the effects of black carbon in the sea.
In our atmosphere today we are pumping 280parts carbon /1million parts water into the atmosphere.  Last year was the greatest amount of carbon in the sea. The drops ink/ water that he is going to pour into the flagon is a lower % than that of our atmosphere.


This ‘black blanket” is heating up every part of our planet and Tom cares.  He also assured us that rather than emit 2% carbon with every litre of petrol used, he came to the Rotary Meeting in his Electric Car.
Thank you Tom.

Minutes: Meeting of 26 Feb 2016

Betsy Lilley, Bernadette McNamara, John Pearman, John Bilboe, Janice Pettitt
Guests  Neil Webster
Visiting Rotarians
Yusufali Khalfan, Peter Leiner
International Toast
No International Toast was given.

Tony spoke of the Board vacancies and the timetable for the election.  There is to be a wash up meeting for the Christmas Raffle Monday 29 February at the Novotel beginning at 6.00pm.  Next Thursday 3 March a meeting will be held at Lee’s house for Swing into Wings, All welcome.  There will be a meeting at Coniston for Wings Over Illawarra and David Swan will attend.
Lee mentioned that we are still looking for Charities to receive money from Swing into Wings. Two charities raised at the meeting for consideration were The Dialysis Support Group and the Salvation Army.
The Interact Club of St. Mary’s will hold a Trivia Night Saturday 12 March at UOW, 6.00 for 6.30pm $10.00 per ticket, money to go to Imagination Library.
There will be a Polio Plus Movie Night, “Eddie the Eagle” Wednesday 13 April at the Gala Theatre, Warrawong – we will provide fruit platters.
Di then spoke on the Imagination Library which provides disadvantaged children with a book every month for 3 years. Bellambi is just about to start with 50 children about to receive their first book for the month and this will continue for 3 years.
The Secretary had nothing to report with only mail seeking funds from us. There was also a plea from our President to get onto and use our Website.

Our Guest Speaker, Mr Neil Webster, from the “Santa Pub Crawl” was introduced by Peter Hill.
Neil informed us that the “Pub Crawl” had been around for 22 years and is now one of the 10 best Pub Crawls in the world. They raised $80,000.00 in 2015 which was given to the Salvation Army.  Neil started and organised this event in 1993 when 16 people did the crawl and he continues today with about 10,000 people annually. Neil started this to try to change anti-social behaviour/drunken behaviour around Christmas.  This objective continues today in a fun way but the message is still the same. 1998 there was about 400 – 500 people and that became a pivotal year, now there 10,000 people per year. Last year there were people from US, UK, Iceland, Russia and all States of Australia. In the 2000 a charity component was added. Initially they collected a child’s toy from each participant which was donated to the Salvation Army. Soon there were too many toys to cope with so in 2006 it was changed to a cash donation and now the participants purchase an arm band for $30.00 or $10.00. These bands then entitle you to entry into the venues the free bus rides up to 4.00am to get you home safely.
Since they have begun Neil has raised $700,000.00 in cash and toys and an estimate of 3,000,000.00 is bought in to the Wollongong economy each year. The $30.00 band gives you entry into the North Gong Pub, all venues on the crawl the shuttle bus and 2 drinks.  The $10.00 band give you entry to the North Gong Pub, some venues and 2 rides on the shuttle bus. In 22 years there has been no major related arrests and minimal Police incidents.
The Santa Pub Crawl will be held on Saturday 10 December 2016. Neil is also trying to establish a “Santa Ride” from Towradgi Beach Hotel to the Illawarra Brewery. More news of this to come.
The raffle was won by Chris Boddington who got a bottle of wine.


The Imagination Library

From the desk of Di North

Preschool children in disadvantaged areas are sent a book through the mail each month until they turn 5 years old. Warrawong-Cringila was the first area targeted. The Warrawong-Cringila area has 143 children registered but they have just had 46 children graduate as they started school, so there is room for more enrolments.
Distribution to the Bellambi area was started in November 2015. A Rotary District Grant of $3,500 has just been received for the Bellambi area.  $986.60 was received from the Illawarra Folk Festival. This was money from admission fees and also a raffle. Many thanks to all those people who attended the Folk festival and helped to contribute to this.  Bellambi now has 33 children registered. They have enough funds for 50 children for 3 years.
There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that this program is really working. Kindergarten teachers have said that previous to this program children had started school in these areas and had never seen a book before. Parents say they enjoy the quality time spent with their children as they sit, cuddle and read them these books. It is creating goodwill in refugee groups as these people have never received anything free like this before. All the children love to receive something in the mail just for them each month. 

Post from Rotary Friend No 1

Just thought I would be the first  “ Illawarra Sunrise Friend of Rotary” to post on the our new website. Looking forward to reading everyone’s blogs, posts and even holiday pics when we are all away. My job will be, to now produce the weekly newsletter simply by extracting data from posts and reports.  If this post appears where it should I will then experiment with a mock newsletter. Let’s see if this is uploaded?