Minutes of 13th October : Chris Boddington

Apologies: Carol Jeffs, Wyn Janssen, Janice Grey, Edith & Ian Wilson.
Birthdays: Not this week
Loyal Toast to Australia: David Swan
Visitors: Rotarian Warwick Hanson who was welcomed by club members ( great to see you).

Dates for the Diary:
TAFE Halloween Dinner (tickets $40p/p from www.wollongongtickets.com.au) – Wed 25 October.  Final ticket sales Thursday 19 October with TAFE 20-20 Restaurant needing numbers for their budding chefs & fledgling front of house staff. (Co-ordinator Tony McAdam)
Christmas Raffle 2017 (Coordinator Rowan Huxtable).  Rowan announce that raffle ticket books are printed & available for members.  This year we have two main venues The Lifeline Book Fair & Kembla Grange Races.  The roster was sent out this week (thank you Isla & Rowan) & we could do with a few more hands on deck between 8.45am Friday 20th to Sunday afternoon. People attending the Book Fair are usually happy to buy a ticket or two & having more than two sellers makes it more social.
So sellers still needed for :   Life Line Book Fair Friday 20, Sat 21 & Sun 22 October 2017,   Kembla Races selling dates Sat 28 October, Sat 18 November, Sat 2 December & Sat 16 December 2017.   Raffle drawn in the Mall by the Lord Mayor on Sun 17 December.
Illawarra Sunrise Annual Race Day @ Kembla Grange , Saturday 18 November 2017.  Tickets from Elaine DeVries

Club Assembly this week was a busy one with reports from Directors & Project Coordinators.
1   Australia Day Update (President Brian Ashe attended WCC Meeting).
Lord Mayor paying for a better PA System.   Lee Kramer & Howard & Sons Fireworks contractors using local contractor to ensure both timely & loud firing of the guns.  Illawarra Pipe Band confirmed.  Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery also lined up.  Michael Howe will speak.  Battery Park booked & Police application for Australia Day March in progress.

2   A working bee at Battery Park has been organised for 9am Sunday 22 October.

3. Bunnings BBQ – thank you to Elaine DeVries for taking over organising the BBQ.

4.  Illawarra Sunrise Rotary Race Day – Saturday 18 November  ( Elaine DeVries).  Interestingly over 200 non Rotarians including Dept of Education & SES have already booked tables at our function.  Currently 20 from our club booked.   Elaine now taking money for tickets & collecting prizes or $$ in lieu of prizes.  Rob Edwards has paid for a professional MC for the day.  We’re having a wine fridge, a 100 Club (or two), a gold coin throw at some Sapphire Gin & some Chivas Regal.   Bill collecting two Diggies vouchers, Tony a nights accommodation, a voucher from Mudcat (?).   Next meeting 26 October @ Elaine DeVries.

5.   Treasurer’s Report ( Elaine DeVries)
We have money in the bank, most annual fees have been paid & Betty & Freni have paid their friend’s subs.

6.  Membership & Christmas Raffle (Rowan Huxtable).  Rowan has been chasing up ex members, friends & others to help with the raffle.  Denis, Freni, Betsy, Di North & Ian McMaugh all coming to help.

7. Rotary Foundation & Philippines Project (Stephen Swan).
Medical & dental mission coming along nicely.  John Bilboe has passed his medical & is coming to the Philippines ( hurrah!!!).  Both dentists John Pearman & John Saad are coming ( hurrah!!).  Triage dental nurse Stephen is going to have his work cut out for him with those two.

8. Service & Vocational ( Peter Rixon).
Peter has just returned from an inspection tour of the Flinder’s Ranges which by all reports was most impressive.  Peter Rixon ( Assistant District Governor – ADG)  Announced a Polio Plus Night @ Gala Cinema on 8th November. A sheet will be passed around for names & a plate from nominated members will be appreciated.

9. New Generations ( Elaine Hart).  We are sending two Year 12’s to the National Science Forum with assistance from RC NW Fairy Meadow. This is the most prestigious opportunity for future young scientists.  We also discussed the Honeywell Engineering School for Year 10. Elaine secured some funding from a member & is approaching Mr Pitt, the headmaster to see if a candidate is available.

10.  Swing Into Wings 2018 (Tony McAdam)
Next year will be a huge event with involvement by Qantas & a tribute to Canberra.  It’s under wraps & planning proceeding well.

11.  Finally a lively discussion on past projects that had been successful.  Ian Fargher agreed that once his PHD was complete this term, he would look at reviving the Farm Aid project that we previously partnered with RC Corrimal to assist rural farming  families.

The Raffle was won by Isla.

President Brian’s Report for 20th Oct, 2017

President’s Report No 11

 I was impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the Board Members at the meeting on Tuesday evening. There was a lot of commitment to take on some new carefully chosen projects, but more of that later.

Elaine DeVries has accepted responsibility for our first Bunnings BBQ and with help from our members.  I am sure it will go well.

Information has been sent through to Kevin Browning to organise for a refund of the money not used, so far, for the Nordonfelt Gun, which was a grant from the Department of Veteran Affairs some time ago.

It was very good to welcome Warwick Hansen to our meeting this morning.

I have set a date for a working bee which will be Sunday 22 October beginning at 9.00am. For those of you who think I said Saturday at the meeting not Sunday, are not aware that my wife retires on the Friday 20 October and I failed to look at our calendar which has a lunch function on that Saturday. Sorry my bad which I corrected immediately after being told.

The combined Northern Christmas Party which was being planned by Corrimal has been stopped for lack of enthusiasm and the tentative booking discarded

To get back to the discussions at the Board about new projects, one was to investigate the possible revitalising of Corrimal’s “Bush Relief” where the Club brought  a country family doing it tough with drought, fires and other hardship down to Wollongong for a week so that the family could have a break, the kids might see the ocean for the first time and generally try to relieve stress for a short period which we hope would be helpful not for just that week but ongoing into the future. This idea was then raised at our Club Assembly and it was generally agreed to get more information about the project but that it was worthwhile and could be done.

Out of that discussion Ian Fargher raised a project that this club had undertaken some time ago which was an organised trip to a country area, at that time Harden, and this trip not only strengthened  friendship within the club, within the club and the community but also brought dollars to that region with the club’s stay. Ian has agreed to coordinate this project but he must have time to complete his Doctorate. We informed Ian that he could wear his new hat to Rotary and we would address him as Doctor if he did this.

I also visited Ian and Edith and Thursday and brought a box of flowers to them from the club. Edith is recovering but may be away for some time

Stay safe and well until next week when we meet again.

Minutes 6th Oct Meeting : Chris Boddington

  Isla Bowen & Michael Yabsley,  Carol Jeffs, Elaine Hart, Wyn Janssen, Paul McKenna, Peter Rixon, Edith & Ian Wilson.
Birthdays:  Peter DeVries
Dates for the Diary:
1.  TAFE Halloween Dinner (tickets $40p/p from www.wollongongtickets.com.au) – Wed 25 October (Contact Tony McAdam)
2.  Christmas Raffle 2017 (Coordinator Rowan Huxtable).  Rowan announce that raffle ticket books are printed & available for
members.  This year we have two main venues The Lifeline Book Fair & Kembla Grange Races.  The Raffle sellers roster is now
out & all help from members & friends is appreciated.
3.  Sellers needed for :
Life Line Book Fair Friday 20, Sat 21 & Sun 22 October 2017.  Kembla Races selling dates Sat 28 October, Sat 18 November, Sat 2 December & Sat 16 December 2017
Raffle drawn in the Mall by the Lord Mayor on Sun 17 December. All club members encouraged to come & support this major      club fundraiser.
4.  Illawarra Sunrise Annual Race Day @ Kembla Grange  Saturday 18 November 2017.  Tickets from Elaine DeVries

Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker was club member Rob Edwards on his ‘Building Resilient Women in Fiji’ Project.  Rob is actually busy with his main project which is putting solar in remote villages in Fiji but then an opportunity presented itself. He is now mentoring a group of Fijian women led by Kathy to set up this resilience project. The women are involved in farming, small business & health initiatives.
Check out the website www.healthyresilience.com for a delightful short video.

Hat Day
Friday 6 October was also Hat Day.   Elaine DeVries awarded best hat to this little number by David Swan & another by Rowan Huxtable.

President Brian’s Report No 10 : 13th October Meeting

I am amazed at how quickly this year is passing, having been reminded today when I attended the first meeting, with Blue Juice and Wollongong Council, for the planning of Australia Day.  I then returned home to organise our permit to march as well as making contact with the Illawarra Pipe Band seeking their support again. Council assured me that the pyrotechnics will be supplied this year because Howard and Sons will liaise with a local company to be on site on time to do the job. I have asked for a meeting with all parties on site to verify this.

I have also spoken with the Police Officer responsible for the Marching Permit and he has referred me to the web page on “Crowded Places Self Assessment Tool” an assessment tool to measure the threat of a potential Terrorist Attack. I am afraid to say this is the new world we are living in.

Many and varied hats this morning from what looked like a lamp shade to David McSwan all on parade. Well done to all those “Wearers” today. Money raised in fines will go to Mental Health.

Next Tuesday will be a Board Meeting at my place with interested members welcome to attend. Further upcoming events include Halloween at the TAFE, Rotary Health Dinner Thursday 19 October at Dooleys Catholic Club in Lidcombe and a joint Rotary Christmas Party to be held at the Master Builder’s Club on Friday 15 December. This joint party will not replace our own Christmas Party but is an opportunity for members to join in with other Northern Illawarra Rotary Clubs to celebrate Christmas.

I also encourage members to put their names down on the roster to sell raffle tickets as the dates and venues are reduced this year but concentrated where we believe tickets will sell. The time commitment will not be as much but we still need someone to sell on those days.

Stay safe and I will see you all next Friday, upstairs on the 4th level at the Novotel.
Brian Ashe


Minutes of 29th September Meeting : Wyn Janssen

President:          Brian Ash
Sergeant:            David Swan
Visitors:              Di North,  Governor Stephen Britten, Stephanie Britten (Stephen’s daughter who was deputising for his wife
Jane, who couldn’t make it today due to work commitments).

Apologies:          Michael & Isla, Peter Rixon, Robyn Fanning, John Bilboe (celebrating 55 years married, Elain Devries and
Carol Jeffs.

Loyal Toast:        Stephen Swan

Birthdays:           Nil


Di North (District Governor 2019/2020 elect)
Di spoke on four issues: –
1.Rotary Foundation Dinner to be held on 20th November; the guest speaker will be Jennifer Jones.
2.The combined Rotary Meeting on 22nd October at the Dapto Leagues Club;
3.Movie night on 8th November at the Gala Theatre; the movie is “Murder on the Orient Express”; and
4.In February 2018 a combined club meeting to discuss the Endtrachoma project.


Stephen has a dream :
To resolve the issue of 65 million displaced people due to conflict;
To resolve the issue of 75 million people who do not have enough to eat;
That by 2030 all people in the world have access to clean, safe water and hygiene;
No mother dies in child birth due to lack of equipment and facilities;
Polio is eradicated through the Polio Plus program; and
Education for all.

Recently an independent organisation looked at what makes Rotary unique in the world and they came up with four points:
1  Size – 35-40,000 clubs around the world;
2  Persistent in endeavours for over 30 years, e.g. Polio Plus;
3  The Classification of members; and
4  Our core values.

In terms of our District he observed:
The decline in membership over the past few years although there has been a reversal of that trend this year.
Clubs are aging and women represent only 25% of membership. He would prefer smaller clubs to merge or fold to make larger more vibrant clubs.
We need to be better at telling people what we do; get the message out into the community.
The Foundation provides support to encourage Peace & eliminate Conflict, provide sanitation and clean water to those who do not have it, saving mothers and their children, growing the economy of the poorer states, and education for all.
One third of the Foundation funds goes back into the district.

He raised the issue of what clubs could do to make them more sustainable and raised issues such as:

  • Circulate the Club Health Check to all members to see the areas where the club could improve;
  • Find out why people are joining Rotary and check if we are delivering on what they are looking for;
  • We are living in a changing world so how are we meeting those changes and engage the younger community;
  • Emphasise the Rotary club network and members are welcome to attend them;
  • Encourage and welcome new members and make them part of the organisation and not let them wither in the background;
  • In these difficult economic times are the costs to excessive or should we look at alternative cost models;
  • Get people involved. Develop fellowship and make contacts.

Lastly, he reminded us that:

  • The District Conference will be held in Mudgee in March 2018;
  • The club should push for a Presidential citation.

Stephen also raised the two Projects that his wife Jane is passionate about, namely YOUTH.  Firstly, the Australian Health Scholarship into youth mental health and the other being Inspirational Youth Awards to be issued to disadvantaged youth.

The raffle was won by Elaine Hart but she did not select the joker so she collected a nice bottle of red wine.

CLOSURE   The meeting closed at 8.30am.

President Brian’s Report 6.10.17

Hi All
This is the best I can do as I am in Thredbo on an iPad!

Just to reflect on last week’s meeting,  we had our District Governor, Stephen Britten and his daughter Stephanie come along and give us the “Dreams” of Stephen for his year.  Stephen also told us of his wife Jane and her projects for the year.

Mad Hat Day is this Friday 6 October and I encourage all members to dig into their closets and come up with a piece of ‘headwear’ for the day. As this day is to support Mental Health, there may be some big fines. Remember folding money is silent but effective.

Di North reminded us that there is a Rotary Foundation Dinner on 20 November, guest speaker Jennifer Jones.

There is also a combined meeting on22 October at Dapto Leagues Club and a Movie Night on 8 November.

As I am in Thredbo writing this report I will not rely on my memory for any other information or upcoming dates but will just sign off and go and build a snowman with my grandchildren.

Christmas Raffle Roster

Folks its time to start making the roster for Christmas raffle ticket selling.
The dates and time slots are:

LIFELINE BOOK FAIR 12:00 – 3:00 FRI 20-Oct
LIFELINE BOOK FAIR 3:00 – 5:15 FRI 20-Oct
LIFELINE BOOK FAIR 8:45 – 12:00 SAT 21-Oct
LIFELINE BOOK FAIR 12:00 – 3:00 FRI 21-Oct
LIFELINE BOOK FAIR 3:00 – 5:15 FRI 21-Oct
LIFELINE BOOK FAIR 8:45 – 12:00 SUN 22-Oct
LIFELINE BOOK FAIR 12:00 – 3:00 FRI 22-Oct
LIFELINE BOOK FAIR 3:00 – 4:15 FRI 22-Oct
TURF CLUB 10:45 – 1:45 SAT 28-Oct
TURF CLUB 10:45 – 1:45 SAT 18/11/2017
TURF CLUB 10:45 – 1:45 SAT 2-Dec
TURF CLUB 10:45 – 1:45 SAT 16-Dec
MALL 10:00 – 12:00 SUN 17/12/2017 (DRAW)

Can you please let me know which of these time slots you can do it?
We need at least 6 people at each turf club slot. 

President’s Report No 8

This week started with a very good Club Assembly with some 24 members in attendance and there was good discussions on a number of topics. The Raffle meeting recommended that ticket prices be raised to $5.00 per ticket and after debate it was agreed to raise the price to $5.00.

Carol Jeffs then spoke on a project that she thought the Club could get behind and that was the giving of an Illawarra Flame Tree to each new baby born in Wollongong and Wollongong Private Hospitals. There was then discussion on the Flame Tree and it was put that it might be better to have a native tree given. There was support for this project but many details were to be addressed before it begins.

There was discussion on whether club members would support a social BBQ on a Saturday for club members. There was agreement that this would be good but a Sunday might be a better day for it. A Sunday in the near future will be organised.

The Battery was also raised that a working bee was very much needed. I have spoken to Wollongong Council and paint will be supplied when I am able to tell them how much paint is required.

A number of Glenhaven members were present at our meeting in order to have a further meeting in planning for the 2018 trip to the Philippines directly after.

Up and coming events are:

Fri 29 Sep : District Governor Stephen Britten will be at our meeting so it would be wonderful to have as many members in attendance as possible
Fri 13 Oct : Mad Hat day raising money for mental health.
Wed 25 Oct :  Halloween Night  at the TAFE College Tickets available
Sat 28 Oct :  Rotary 90 Year Celebration in Wollongong City Beach Function Centre
Wed 22 Nov : Combined Meeting at Dapto. Solar Lights will be the topic.
Brian Ashe

MINUTES: Club Meeting of 15.9.17

Apologies: Isla Bowen, Michael Yabsley, Wyn Janssen, Ian Fargher
Sergeant At Arms: David Swan
Guests: Robyn and Michael Allan
Birthdays: Bernadette McNamara, Colette Rixon, Mary Fargher, Tess McMaugh

Upcoming Events:
Tue 19 Sep; Raffle meeting at Casa Huxtable. 7.00 pm. All welcome.
Sat 7 Oct: Social BBQ lunch. Family event. Venue t.b.a.
Fri 13 Oct: Mad Hat Day for Mental Health Day (everyone will be fined for the cause, those without hats will be fined even more). Wed 25 Oct: Halloween Night at TAFE. Tony McAdam to send Bulletin to members
Fri 27 Oct: DG visit
Fri 8 Dec: AGM

ROMAC Raffle Tickets (Sue Clarke). Club has purchased 5 tickets @ $20 each. If one of these tickets is the winner, the prize (3 nights at new Sofitel Hotel In Sydney) will be donated to a worthy community member.
Clean Up Australia Rowan Huxtable provided a report on Clean Up Day at Puckeys Estate. Plenty of plastic was removed from the environment.
Nordonfelt Gun; The engineer working on the gun has advised that there has been no further progress due to his business commitments. The club has been advised that there is funds of approx $1500 to come to the club to go towards costs. (Please note: the restoration costs are in the vicinity of $80K – $100K however the club is only going to be charged about $1500. An extremely generous gesture from the gun restorer).
Race Day: Elaine Devries advised that club members need to go to website and make their bookings ASAP. To date there are 3 sponsors confirmed with a 4th sponsor possibly coming on board. More sponsors needed.
Rotary Foundations: Stephen Swan advised that the Philippines Dental/Medical Mission is to proceed 28 Jan to 11 Feb 2018. An MOU has been signed by Philippines parties and will be reviewed at a meeting to take place following our 22 September Club Meeting.
Bunnings BBQ: Kicks off Sat 9 December. This needs a Project Manager. Any member who needs to increase their Rotary involvement is requested to make a prompt application to Brian Ashe (or via Acting Secretary Stephen Swan).
Interact: No further meetings until after school holidays as students focus on exams.

Guest Speaker: Robyn Allen spoke the Club about the Kairos, a local community-based Christian ministry that serves both those in prison and the families and friends of those in prison.
Kairos is a ‘hands on’ activity helping to bring;

  • Rehabilitation to the incarcerated through the possibility of hope and positive choices, and
  • Support and encouragement to those affected

Kairos, through over 2000 volunteers around Australia, reaches out to:

  • Male and female inmates, saying ‘You have a choice”
  • Family and Friends of those inmates, saying “You are not alone”
  • Juvenile Offenders, saying “There is a better way ahead”

Kairos conducts a 40 hour program, both inside prisons and weekend outside programs. There are also ongoing visits and reunion days.


Raffle:Was won by somebody but I didn’t record their name as I was too upset that it wasn’t me. The Joker was not drawn.

The meeting concluded with a stirring rendition of the National Anthem

President’s Report No 7 : President Brian

I started this week with a meeting with Michael Hough, Greg Scott (Historian) and Fiona Reynolds (National Trust) about the Battery on Cliff Road.  The main themes were what problems we have had with Council and how those difficulties could be overcome, how we could all work together to enable more strength and what other activities could be done if any in the future. 

I have also signed off and returned the signed copy on the Bunnings BBQ for 9 December so now we have to get our act together. I have been told that a Bunnings BBQ is an efficient way to make good money.

Our club is in the process of opening a Bendigo Bank account to process contributions to get Mr John Travolta’s plane to Australia. This has been requested by HARS to help them out.  The cost of fuel alone is $300,000.00 so we are starting this now.

There is also a meeting regarding the Philippines Trip being held directly after our club meeting this Friday. All interested parties are welcome to attend and there will be some Rotary Members from Glenhaven coming down for that meeting as well.

In my weekly calendar I have proposed a Saturday Social Lunch to be held on 7 October for members to get together and enjoy each other’s company over a snag or two and perhaps that could be washed down. As our next meeting is a Club Assembly it would be a good opportunity to discuss the pros and cons and make a final decision.

The other date that needs to be set is for a clean up at the Battery. I am currently working out how much paint is needed to tell Council so that they will provide the amount and correct colours for the project. This is a big commitment from us but a needed one.

That is all for this week but I think that is enough.
Brian Ashe