Minutes of Meeting 8th June 2018

Apologies  Carol Jeffs,  Chris Boddington,  Bill Wessel,  Rob Edwards,  Ian Wilson,  Yusuf Khalfan,  Ian McMaugh,  Wyn Janssen, Rowan Huxtable

International Toast Peter Rixon


President Brian
DGE will be guest at a Combined Meeting on 27 August, and therefore there will be no Breakfast Meeting that week.
Interact has new members and on 3rd August , will host a ‘Murder Night”. Tickets will be $8pp and the dress theme will be ‘Hollywood”.  Money raised will go towards the “Adopt a Cow” campaign, to help our local farmers. Their cow is called Maisey.
NOTE: A male voice was heard to add “I married one” but unfortunately the voice was not identified, so every male was fined.
A wonderful thank you letter was received from the ‘Wollongong Robotics Team” thanking us for the $200 donation and an offer to come again and talk to our Club about their latest achievements, in coming 2nd at the Nationals and are currently in Estonia to fly the flag for Wollongong.
Guest Speaker
Was Ian Fargher who gave a most entertaining insight into the “Great Tax Scams of our time”.

Currently there was $581.50 ready and available to the drawr of the Joker, but unfortunately for Peter R, his ACE only won him the wine.

Minutes of 1st June : Peter Rixon

In Attendance  No visiting Rotarians.
Birthdays  Michael Yabsley,
Toast   Peter Rixon,
Apologies  Isla Bowen, Michael Yabsley, Rowan Huxtable, Carol Jeffs, Yusuf Khalfan, Ian Wilson

Bowel Scan: Elaine Hart,
Approximately AUD$21,000 leftover from Bowel scan, Monies to go to fund a PHD student. Rotary bowel scan program to be wound up as Federal Government has taken over.
Meeting with North Beach Novotel Wollongong Management
Elaine Hart and Elaine De Vires attended and met with Aimee.  Explained our clubs current position of trialing 3 breakfast per month.  Aimee expressed that our club was part of Novotel community and they would like the club to stay at Novotel.  Agreed to drop the price for breakfast to $25.00, immediately.  Prepared to discuss cheaper option of a continental breakfast instead of a buffet breakfast.   Members agreed to the suggested recommendations.  Vote of thanks to both Elaine De Vries and Elaine Hart for their report and willingness to meet with the Novotel management.
President’s Report
Attended Presidents meeting for Northern Illawarra, Incoming DG Sue Hayward to visit this area for a combined northern meeting on the 22nd of August. To be an evening session, at a venue to be decided. This meeting will take the place of Fridays meeting.   Frank Pazzimenti is the new A.G. for the Northern Illawarra.
There will be a  Combined clubs Movie night 9th August.
Stephen Swan
The Mercury newspaper, an article of Wollongong City Council repainting the gun battery at Flagstaff Point. What was to happen to Battery Park? President Brian to make an enquiry regarding repainting of Battery Park.
And…we have not heard from our PHD student for awhile.
We are 25
Elaine Hart and Bernadette McNamara flag the clubs 25 year birthday on the 23rd.
John Bilboe
detailed a report regarding the medical mission for 2019. Myra to travel to Bacolod, Philippines to discuss upcoming plans. Report once she returns.

Guest Speaker: SHAUN TYLE
Shaun is from UOW with the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health, School of Medicine, Graduate Medicine.
Topic: Assistance of volunteer, simulated patient has on medical students training,

The Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health has two campus, Shoalhaven, Location of the Rural Medical school and Wollongong main campus. There is a need for simulated patients, in that it allows medical students to learn excellent communication skills, to work with real people and thus mproves the professionalism of the Graduate Medical student.
It  allows doctors to learn how to work in a partnership with a patient via good communications with the patient to get better health outcomes. and simulated patients allow medical students to continually practice by having  a safe environment to learn in, mistakes or misdiagnose can be made and learnt from and allowing students to ‘have a go, Main advantage of simulated patient is feedback to the medical student from the simulated patient.

The Faculty needs community minded volunteers to become simulated patients. People who have a passion to help.
They provide role play by taking on the role of someone who has an illness or medical condition,  there is a waiting room like a G.P. has and the medical student comes out and calls the simulated patient in for consultation.  Simulated patients learn a role. One week simulated patient may have asthma next week something else.  The simulated patient training allows the medical student to learn a ’road map’ to diagnosing a patient.   Simulated patients come from a variety of age groups
The medical students watch a medical doctor performing a diagnosis on a simulated patient. Afterwards the medical students work in pairs and practice their learning.
Patients are  moulaged as part of the simulation for wound care.  Temporary tattoos are used and artificial colours from strawberry jam are applied to simulate blood, broken bones or cuts.  Several slides were shown of simulated wounds. This helps the medical student learn how to care and assess various types of wounds.
The medical students also work in Rural Australia and they need to know how to do plastering as they may be the only person who can.

What does it cost to be a simulated patient, nothing only their energy, mind and time? The value that the simulated patient brings to the training of a medical student is priceless.  Rural medical students trained at Wollongong are the best trained in Australia. Last year one of the medical students won intern of the year award. Benefits for volunteers are : meeting new people, (there are about 180 people who are simulated patient volunteers), contributing to the training of a medical student, opportunity to give back,   developing new skills as a simulated patient.  Simulated medical training is one of the fastest growing forms of training.

To become a simulated training patient you need to: Fill out a form, Undertake training.  There is training for disability patients, and there are vocational visits.

Raffle was won by Elaine Hart.
Close with the National Anthem.

Draft only : Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 24 May 2018

Extraordinary General Meeting 24th May 2018
6pm to 7.30pm : Anchorage Restaurant

Stephen Swan, Norm Miller, Peter Hill, Rowan Huxtable, Michael Yabsley, Isla Bowen, David Swan, Ian Wilson, Edith Wilson, John Bilboe, Ian Fargher, Brian Ashe, Peter Rixon, Rob Edwards, Elaine De Vries, Paul McKenna. Wyn Janssen,  Carol Jeffs
NON-MEMBERS  Collette Rixon, Betty Hassen (Friend of Rotary)

Ian McMaugh,  Mark Hampton,  Robyn Fanning,  Elaine Hart,  Bernie McNamara,  Tony McAdam,  Chris Boddington,
Bill Wessel,  Yusuf Khalfan, Graham Williams

Brian opened the meeting and welcomed members. It was accepted that Betty Hassen (as a not-voting member) would act as Minutes Secretary for the meeting. Brian outlined that the meeting would proceed with discussions on each of the motions presented, which had previously been emailed to members and the meeting would close at 7.30pm.

Motion 1
Re: Reducing membership costs by subsiding members with Club revenue funds
Issues were debated for 25 minutes before the Motion was put, with the issue of legal v moral issues of using  such funds. The cost  of membership all up was accepted as the main issue and other avenues to decrease costs were suggested
The motion was LOST.

Motion 2
Re: Subsidising membership costs ($350pa) to be an incentive to only those members with 80
% attendance
In view of  Motion 1 being lost, Motion 2 was WITHDRAWN

Motion 3
Re: Moving to fortnightly meetings
Most discussion raised issues of breakfast v social meetings, venues, changing venues and keeping track of meeting dates  response from the current venue (Novotel) and insufficient information available about venues, breakfasts etc.  The motion was LOST

Motion 4
Re: Move from the Novotel
Discussion focused on suggested possibilities that complied with proximity to Wollongong CBD, decent parking etc.
Since information was basically anecdotal and decisions could not be made until  more specific details were available, the President asked for a suspension of discussions.

Motion 5
Re: Introducing alternate “Social” meetings  into regular breakfast meeting program
Concern was raised about 2 meetings per month not being adequate and the survey indicating that most members want more “social activities” a suggestion of a TRIAL for 6 months was suggested with 3 club meetings per month and one social event that need not necessarily be a visit to restaurant
The motion was CARRIED

Motion 6
Re: Charge for members who attend meetings but do not have breakfast
Discussion mainly supported the concept and even if different venues were to be looked at with more ‘a la carte’ breakfast options that members contribute at least $5 per meeting  towards club funds
The motion was CARRIED.

Motion 7
Re: Review of job descriptions, onerous program of duties for President and Executive members.
Since clubs are constrained by RI constitutional requirements and procedures, this motion was WITHDRAWN 

President Brian’s Report No 25

There have been two important events this past week, the first was the special meeting about the future of the club and the second was the presentation of cheques gained from Wings Over Illawarra.

Firstly the meeting which was held at the Anchorage Restaurant on Thursday 24 May 2018 which began at 6 pm and finished at 7.30pm, when we adjourned to the restaurant for a meal. The meeting was governed by resolutions sent in by members before the due date and most of which had been circulated to all members. The meeting was well attended by members but unfortunately those members that we have not seen for a while did not take this opportunity to  re-engage. Motions were put and then debated with some very thoughtful and creative discussion.

There were eight motions put before the meeting of which two were carried and the remaining defeated. There will be further discussions about the outcome of this meeting so all that I would like to say was thank you to all who attended, thank you for the frank and open discussion and thank you most of all for the convivial way the meeting conducted itself.

The second meeting I attended was the presentation of the HARS cheques of the money donated by the  Bright family, raised through Wings Over Illawarra. This meeting was held at HARS on Monday 28 May beginning at 10.30am. I had the pleasure of receiving the cheque and handing it onto Ms Kay Perry from the Aspect South Coast School at Corrimal, our chosen charity. Ms Perry spoke on what the school was doing for children with Autism and what the money would be used for. There were five clubs from Northern Illawarra at the presentation because these were the clubs that have been actively involved with Wings Over Illawarra. Mr and Mrs Bright were not able to be there as they had a short notice meeting called in Sydney that they had to attend, but their generosity was well recognised for the continuing contribution to Rotary for $10,000.00 from this event.

Just a short addition; Wings Over Illawarra is a spectacular event and I would recommend attendance next year by all, a great day out.

Have a safe week and I look forward to joining with you all on Friday.
Kindest Regards
Brian Ashe   

Minutes : 11th May Meeting

Carol Jeffs,  Chris Boddington,  Bill Wessel,  Ian Wilson,  Ian McMaugh,  Wyn Jansen,  John Bilbo,  Bernie McNamara.

⊗  This week, the members were summoned to readiness by the proficiency and panache of bell-ringer Rob.
⊗  Edith took over the BIrthday Greetings to Elaine AND Ian Hart’s birthdays on the 14th and 11th respectively.
⊗  SWING REPORT. It was the “Best yet” with 8 captains on the VIP list,Rob an MC par excellence, the Dancers a crowd-pleaser
and well-deserving accolades to Tony and President Brian. The raffle brought in $2,370, bar sales were $4,000 and the total
income approximately $32,000.
⊗  SURVEY. Michael outlined the results of our survey. All details are on the website and were also included in last week’s
MOTION It was proposed that the Extraordinary Meeting to address the survey results, should not be delayed and
so 24th 
May was accepted (pending confirmation of venue) and it will replace the Fri 25th Breakfast Meeting.
⊗  INTERACT. Numbers have dropped and so Year 8s have been invited to join. Their next event in organisation stage is  “Murder
Mystery Night” with proceeds going to East Timor and the “Adopt a Cow” program and to Sister Rita Haise’s Sri Lanka project
supporting Girls’ Education. The girls have also sent in their apologies for not being able to enter a team in the “Ride for
Rotary” this year.
⊗  RAFFLE. Won by a most deserving recipient, (myself), the first time EVER that I have won the bottle of wine.  Add to this, the
winning of my Casa Mia voucher at Wings..and I await my 3rd winning event with anticipation and expectation.

Betty Hassen

Minutes of 4th May Meeting

President Brian opened the meeting with final updates for Wings, 252 tickets were sold, workers were ready to ‘man’ their stalls, assist with parking and set up for the Swing into Wings Dinner.

Elaine then added to the excitement, announcing that $22,000 has been sent to UNI Research, from Race Day proceeds.

Then Peter introduced our Guest Speaker, Dr Michael Davey.
Michael rode a pushbike 14,000 kms around Australia (Including Tasmania) to help children suffering from cancer. Leaving home in 2014 he battled with continual hydration from the unrelenting oppressive heat of the outback, trucks so big they looked like freight trains, snakes, plagues if flies, hospital visits and riding 300kms in one day.
A man driven by the belief in God, Hope and Profound Resilience, he then revealed his own childhood life of being in foster care,  life with a “violent and crazed schizophrenic mother”, abuse and neglect forcing him to leave home at 15 and join the Royal Australian Navy and the incredible support from his wonderful wife Bonnie.

Michael had books of his life on sale, with a % of his book sales to his “Child and Youth Advocate” projects.  His next adventure will be on a SKATEBOARD.   We can’t wait for that book to hit the book stalls.

President Brian’s Report : Number 23

Friday’s speaker was a most interesting fellow who has accomplished many things in his life already.  Certainly his life did not seem to be one of nine to five employment, as most of us do but was out there riding around Australia raising money for charity. His story was most inspirational and it will be interesting to hear from him in five years time as I believe Michael is capable of anything.

Swing into Wings was on this last weekend and I manned the Rotary Information stall on both Saturday and Sunday morning up until midday. Peter Hill was also there helping and Peter Rixon did the afternoon. The amount of people that were there was staggering as well as the aviation show put on by many different aircraft and the static display of historic planes that are present. The Roulettes and the F/A-18 Hornets were the highlights for me, the first for precision flying and the second for sheer noise and speed.

Swing into Wings was held on the Saturday night and it was, in my opinion, the Best Yet. Tony McAdam has done a wonderful job in organising the whole evening.

Our Guest Speaker, Lisa Norman flew the first new Dreamliner that Qantas has and gave an excellent talk about aviation. I also had the enormous pleasure of presenting a memento to each of the Captains of Qantas involved in the record breaking first flight of a Boeing 747-400 registered VH OJA from London to Sydney, the world’s longest flight and also the Captains of the last flight also a record of the shortest flight on the same plane. That flight was 11 minutes. To have all those who flew those two epic flights in the one room at the same time was a great coup for Tony. As well as that HARS has the aircraft that flew those flights, and many more, at Albion Park.

The second highlight for me was when the Roulettes sought me out and presented me with a signed print, shot from within the cabin, with the other Roulettes just off each wing and the Apostles on the South Australian Coast in the background. A stunning trophy which the club will decide what to do with to raise funds. Perhaps Race Day?

All in all a very busy week which took its toll on my ageing body, by falling asleep on my lounge Sunday afternoon when I had planned to visit Ian in hospital. I did get out there on Monday afternoon and the good news is that Ian was planned to be discharged Wednesday 9 May 2018. Ian was sure looking forward to this.

Have a safe week and I look forward to joining with you all on Friday
Brian Ashe   

President Brian’s Report : No 22

Congratulations to all Club Members who completed our survey. I understand that 22 out of a total of 35 members completed this survey, which is a good section to then analyse and bring back to the club what was said and what was suggested. This process of reviewing the direction and long term continuance of the club will take some time so I ask all members to please have patience and bring forth ideas that might help at any time. An evening meeting is still being organised to allow our best attendance on the night.

Swing into Wings has now closed for booking a seat but again I understand the numbers coming are excellent. Well done Tony! The programme is set and the indications are for an excellent night to be had. Again Well Done Tony! I am looking forward to the evening an enjoying the company of members at what is our biggest Social Night held by the club for the year.

Guest Speaker, Betty Hassen, gave us a talk that she wishes to go around to all clubs to speak and gain support for each club to donate $500 which would raise $4,500 to enable her to purchase 3 specially designed sport wheelchairs for children who wish to play wheelchair Basketball. This talk to our club was for Betty to receive feedback about her content and presentation before she ventured onto other clubs. There was some good suggestions made by members that Betty said she would include in her presentation. This talk then brought about a surprise and that was that Paul, representing Ramsay Health, committed to donated the first $4,500 to purchase 3 sport wheelchairs immediately. Indeed a very generous offer from our newest member Paul. Thank you and good luck to Betty

I look forward to joining with you all on Friday
Brian Ashe

President Brian’s Report : No 22

Catch up with webmasters

I would like to report that the survey about our club has been sent to all members and I request that you complete that survey and return it for compilation. The second thing that I would inform all members is that I now have three completed “Rotary Youth Volunteer Information and Declaration Form 3” and will have to report by the end of the month on this matter. Attendance at our last meeting was 12, which seems to confirm that there is a problem with attendance and whilst that might be the new norm it does pose difficulties with finances, which will need to be resolved before it is too late.

The Board meeting was again taken up mostly by the impending meeting about the future of the club. The survey was presented, discussed and approved for circulation to members. The Board also spoke about the proposed date for the Philippines trip 2019, which clashes with Australia Day again, and we are waiting for advice from John Bilboe who was going to speak to Myra about this matter. The Board expressed it’s disappointment that our request for leaving Australia Day free was not taken up. There was also a suggestion that the Dental Nurses that were on the last trip to the Philippines be requested to do a presentation to our club at a date to be fixed. During discussions about our up and coming Race Day, one charity that was mentioned was Interchange and as we have given money a number of times as well as the chance of mutual benefit, a Memorandum of Understanding is to be considered. The Memorandum would be similar to the one with Dream Big Dancers with the same conditions and agreements. Also discussed was the Illawarra Retirement Trust which is setting up a new service for Aged Care and The IRT will be asked to present this at our meeting for consideration that we support this new project through Race Day.

So again I request that the survey be completed and returned as well as the Rotary Youth Volunteer form be completed and returned to me as soon as possible.

As Anzac Day fell during this week a small reading was presented about the losses Australia has seen through World War 1,WW2, Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan, followed by a minute silence and the Ode was then read out.

Have a safe time and I hope to see you on Friday.
Brian Ashe   

Minutes Fri 16 March : Chris Boddingtonn

John Bilboe, Janice Gray (celebrating Rhys’s birthday with family in Vietnam), Peter Hill (at the ski lodge), Isla & Michael (still enjoying NZ but home by now), Stephen Swan (on the road again), John Pearman (we’re sending our love to Marion who is doing really well), Rob Edwards, Bernie, Paul, Wyn & finally Ian Wilson, who is on the mend.

You can tell who actually was at the meeting (the whole dozen of us) by the photos on the website (except for the photographer & occasional minute taker which is a lovely advantage for that role). So it was a great catch up meeting.

We appointed Peter Rixon to be Sarg & lead the Toast to Australia.
Edith brought birthday cards for Isla & one for Rhys ( Elaine Hart dropped that one to the Gray household for Rhys’s return).
We had a lively update on HARS at Albion Park Airfield & the Swing into Wings Dinner.  Tony McAdam is very excited about the dinner with its links this year to Qantas. Both David  & Stephen Swan are most impressed with the HARS crew of volunteers & the characters they find out there quietly working away on the air fleet.
Elaine DeVries responded to a question about the Lego Show last weekend at Kembla Grange Race Course which was very successful with 6,000 people attending.  Kembla Grange is available for all types of events said Elaine including Christmas parties, weddings & even wakes. Now there’s a thought.

Nice photo on the website of the Clean Up Australia crew at Mount Kembla with a heap of car tyres swelling their rubbish pile. Thank you Rowan, Theresa, Elaine Hart & visiting DG Elect Di North. President Brian almost helped but was stumped by directions & even missed the coffee after.  Chris & Bill weren’t available on Saturday but contributed by photographing the rubbish  on the wrong side of the fence along Cliff Rd & emailing it to Wollongong Parks & Gardens with a ‘please explain what we’re going to do to clean up this mess’. We understand the OH&S issues but some long term solution is needed.


Wed 21 March  Board Meeting.
Wed 28 March End Trachoma Meeting @ Fraternity Club $35 for a two course meal. Pay Treasurer Elaine DeVries this week if you are planning to attend.
Sat 30 June       District Changeover 12 noon @ St George Motor Boat Club ( can you let Peter Rixon know if you are planning to join Collette & himself at this function).

Brian won the Raffle & won a bottle of wine  (Ongoing thanks to member Mark Hampton from West End Cellars who has been cheerfully providing wine for all our Rotary events from Breakfast to Race Meetings & Dinners. Do drop in for recommendations for the best wine for any functions you are organising. Thanks Mark).

We finished the meeting with one ‘gallant soul’ suggesting maybe not singing the National Anthem but it seems to be ingrained in the members & we sang it with enthusiasm anyway.