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Welcome back to our Newsletter, which will now be issued Monthly. Each issue will have a monthly report from President Norm Miller and the side calendar keeps you up-to-date with the coming month’s meetings.projects and activities.Click on the link for each monthly issue. 
2019 August2019 July 

A sad but also well deserved happy Farewell to Janice and Rhys

Farewell Janice  at Xmas Party

Janice and Rhys have been stalwarts and stimulating Rotarians of our Sunrise Club, and now with their relocation to HARDEN they have transferred to the Rotary Club of Murrumburrah-Harden.

Letter from Janice…

Dear Fellow Members of RC of Illawarra Sunrise.
It is with regret that I resign my membership of our Club in order to transfer to the RC of Murrumburrah-Harden. 

I have not been a very active member for the past 3 years due to being committed to elderly parents living in the country and requiring our assistance.  I have enjoyed the many years of being a member of Illawarra Sunrise – for all the commitments the club was involved with, the companionship of members and my years as Youth Director and District MUNA Chair.

My year as President in a busy club was a huge learning curve and I enjoyed it immensely.   Over the years Rhys and I have hosted 14 Rotary exchange students and in 1998 had our daughter Emily, exchange to Denmark.

Thank you and I wish the Rotary Club all the best for the future.
Janice Gray. 

Race Day 2018 : 17 Nov

Race Day 2018  was yet again an outstanding success raising over $13,000 for our local charities :  INTERCHANGE ILLAWARRA, PHILIPPINES AID PROJECT, IRT FOUNDATION’S SOCIAL IMPACT PROGRAM and ROTARY NEW GENERATION. The raffle for the key to the Wine Bar ( stocked with wine,) was again the big drawcard and in fact $4000 was made just on the indoor raffles and events.
Looking forwards to our next RACE DAY in 2019

COSTS 2018
Tickets are $110 pp and Tables of 10
Details contact Elaine DeVries on 0418 667 690 


New Bi-Monthly Newsletters

Newsletters starting from July 2018, will be issued bi-monthly on the Monday following the 1st Breakfast Meeting of the Month and the 3rd Breakfast Meeting of the Month.  This is a consequence of moving to only 3 Breakfast Meetings a month, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd  Friday of the month.
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Guest Speaker 6 July CAROL JEFFS







Carol Jeffs & “Duplicate Bridge”

Carol shared her passion for playing “Duplicate Bridge” at The Bridge Association Club of Wollongong which is among the very few clubs these days, that are actually growing their memberships.  There are other local clubs at Thirroul and Kiama.
The Bridge Association is also are making inroads into introducing Bridge into high schools, a nomination has also been prepared for it to be included in the Olympic program.  It  is  also worth noting that it’s a great way to “hold off” dementia, it costs $5 for 2-3 hours of entertainment and  it is not a gambling activity.
Carol entertained us with the somewhat “tricky” aspects of this game Viz:

  • You play with a partner so it’s important that you and your partner are on the same page in terms of “bidding” and understanding the “codes”
  • Fortunately though a Director is always on duty to make sure that you don’t “throttle” your partner.
  • There are “learn to play” sessions and the skills required are logic, mathematical skills ( i.e. that you can count to 13) and tolerance to not throttle your partner on a regular basis.
  • There are some fantastic travel opportunities also, to go on a Bridge Playing Cruise… WOW look at the one to Antarctica!

But when the big stakes are  up for grabs, there are stories  of “The Italians”, who used the precise positioning of the Bridge Board  to signal to partners and “The Germans”, who were discovered using a type of morse-code coughing bouts to assist their attempts at victory.
A most entertaining performance from Carol this week and when Peter, Elaine and Isla decided to trial a short game, David , Michael and Wyn  were ready and willing to offer suggestions about how to play their cards.

Minutes 6 July

Chris & Bill, Peter, John, Bernie, Norm, Ian W, Mark, Elaine DeV, Stephen
Edith acknowledged birthdays of Marion Pearman & Ian McMaugh.
Matters Arising
Flowers were not sent to Marion, since she was in IC but a card has been sent by Elaine.
Peter H announced that our next Guest Speaker will be Horrie Howard.
Renee Burton (UOW) will also be present at next meeting: re scholarships.
Reminder about the “Murder Mystery Night” at St Mary’s on 3rd August, which will be the Social Event for August.
Carol Jeffs informed the meeting that she will be on leave for the next 3-4 months, touring Europe. (bon voyage, buon viaggio and Gute Reise)

President’s Report Number 2.7.18

This has been the week of changeovers in that I have now attended Corrimal’s, on the 13th June, Illawarra Sunrise’s on 24 June  and last Saturday the District Changeover so that I have had sufficient changeovers for the year. All changeovers were pleasant and friendly and all were run to time or close to it. Corrimal’s new President is Kay Mireylees and our new District Governor is Sue Haywood. I was surprised with the number of Rotarians who head District positions as they were presented to the Changeover. I counted 13 positions covering Australian Honours Advisory Council Liaison Member through to the two Webmasters.

On Friday we returned to our normal Friday Meeting at which there were 8 members and one Guest (Rhys). The meeting was carried out at one table with the lectern being discarded to make it more cosy. The new framework of meetings was discussed with emphasis on where we would have our first social meeting. I offered some venues where Christmas in July was being held but after much discussion, the night has been changed for this month only to support St Mary’s Interact Club’s Murder Mystery Night. So all members are encouraged to purchase tickets and to attend that night.

I also take pleasure in announcing the offer of our member Norm Miller to take on the position of President Elect. I took this  information to our regular club meeting Friday 29 June to have the offer endorsed by club members and it was. So this club now has a President Elect but still has to fill the position of Secretary of the club very quickly. Members please consider coming forward to nominate yourself for this position.

Have a safe week and I look forward to joining with you all on Friday.

Kindest Regards
Brian Ashe

Minutes  15th June, 2018

Club Assembly

Carol Jeffs, Chris Boddington, Bill Wessel, Ian Wilson, Yusuf Khalfan, Ian McMaugh, Bernadette McNamara, John Bilboe


President Brian
Explained that this meeting would be a Club Assembly, since there won’t be a meeting next Friday (22nd June) because the Changeover is on this Sunday.

Elaine Devries
1st Race Day Meeting 21st June
There was an error on the previous date emailed for 1st Race Day meeting, it will be on 21st Jun (not the 28th), still at Elaine’s place at 6pm.

Meeting with Novotel
They have accepted only 3 breakfast meetings per month And have lowered the price for the buffet to $19pp.

MOTION  That we accept the Novotel offer for the next 6 months (Moved Elaine./Seconded Edith)           CARRIED.
AMENDMENT For those not having breakfast, Members will pay $5.00   CARRIED  (Isla/Wynn)

President Brian
Changeover About 26-28 expected. Apologies from Corrimal President, instead Secretary Kay will be there.  Brian has talked to Sue Hayward about a Shared Presidency and that is acceptable. There will be a Joint Meeting Wed 22nd Aug so no 24th August Breakfast Meeting. Peter Rixon will now be Assistant DG  for Sothern District. Northern will now be Frank Pazzimenti.

Elaine Hart
3rd August; St Mary’s Murder Mystery Night.

Secretary Isla.
Letter of Thanks
1.  From Autism Spectrum Group. Thanking us for the donation and explaining that they will be using the money to “Teach Responsibilities”
2   From Kidz Canver for our $200 donation.
3   $200 for Aspect School

Peter Rixon
Attended the Imagination Library meeting and has suggested  a request for $500 donation.
9th August, there will be a Movie night.

Raffle was won by Elaine Hart 

President Brian’s Report No 26

Dr Ian Fargher spoke as our guest speaker on Friday and this just shows that our own club members can entertain equally with imported guest speakers. His topic, Forensic Accounting, was informative as well as entertaining. Ian revealed some of the work that he had done for his Phd., which he completed last Christmas. I won’t go into his topic matter as that will be in our Bulletin but I did want to point out that the Club has quite a number of members that have fabulous stories to tell us of their lives.

Our Changeover Lunch planning is all coming together and with fingers crossed, I believe the day will be one that will be up there with the best or that is what I hope for. I did not realise just how much work and organisation goes into this event, with invitations, presentations, gifts and food for the day but I am becoming aware, as each day leading up is teaching me.

I attended Corrimal Club’s Changeover Dinner on Wednesday night, which was quite enjoyable and well run (of course not as good as ours will be). There were four Paul Harris presentations, which included Paul Harris with three sapphires in those presentations and a unique presentation of a “Feather Duster” which is given by the President one year past, to the immediate Past President. No information was given for the use of the feather duster but you are to use your own imagination I guess. A full Board was presented to the meeting  as the last item and It was good to see that Corrimal Club was able field all positions. At one point the numbers for the new Board were seven female members and one male member, but this lessened to a ratio to seven female to three males at the end.

Have a safe week and I look forward to joining with you all on Friday.
Kindest Regards
Brian Ashe    

Guest Speaker: IAN FARGHER, PhD (8th June 2018)

Ian has recently completed his PhD in Forensic Accounting, with a thesis related to ‘Wealth Legislation”. His story outlined his long term career with the ATO and teaching/research terms with UOW and the Sydney Business School. His talk today focused on Australia’s introduction of the GST
Interestingly, The goods and services tax (GST) is a comprehensive value-added tax (VAT) on goods and services. France was the first country to introduce this system in 1954. Today, it has spread to over 140 countries.  Broadly speaking Australia’s GST ” is a broad-based tax of 10% on the supply of most goods, services and anything else consumed.”
Ian was a key player in the implementation of the GST after a meeting of Tax Accountants held at the Ridges Hotel in 2000.  The key management of the GST was in terms of the BALANCE between the consumer and the producer and early compliance and so Ian then outlined some Major issues of overseeing and forensically assessing the correct balance as required by the ATO.
Of course names had to be with withheld to protect the innocents ( guilty??) but we were certainly entertained by tales of:

‘the kid who was on a pension and wanted to withdraw $5,000 out of his account…that was then discovered as having a balance of $5million”
“The sale of Intellectual property, Emergency Services and the Boggo Road gaol”
“A ship in dock mysteriously registered in the ATO’s name (and unknown to the ATO) which when finally boarded as part of the forensic investigation, was totally devoid of everything including the engines.   AND
“How you can use shipping containers to cargo  large wine consignments”  (Mark Hampton was particularly “all ears” on that story) and how it was all discovered by “weighing in” strategies.
” how to make money on “scratching” your gold bullions”  AND  the biggest of all …
” The Cranston Affair”
The biggest white-collar fraud racket in Australian history unravelled after 300 federal police officers raided 28 properties and arrested nine people, including the son and daughter of Australian Taxation Office Deputy Commissioner Michael Cranston” (SMH)

No doubt Ian’s PhD Thesis, could be turned into a Best Seller, we’ll have to wait and see.