Minutes Meeting 20/4/2018 (Assembly)


Carol Jeffs, Chris Boddington, Bill Wessell, Rob Edwards, Peter Rixon, Ian Wilson, Yusuf Khalfan, Elaine Hart, Paul McGregor, David Swan, John Bilboe

Brian welcomed everyone to the meeting and then briefly reflected on the sacrifices of the ANZAC’s followed by a minutes silence

Feedback from Board Members


  • Re iterated the challenges facing the club (to be discussed at a special meeting)
    • Number of members at meetings
    • Revenue
    • Succession


  • No correspondence of note


  • Interchange are promoting our events on their website
  • Interchange should have an MOR with us to reflect this partnership
  • The members survey has been sent to all members. The cut off date is Friday April 27 @ 5 pm. Results will be presented to members


  • IRT are developing an initiative to support aged care. Approached Sunrise to be involved.

Swing into Wings

  • Meeting planned at HARS to ensure planning on track for the event
  • Susan Hayward and Stephen Britten have accepted invitations


Stephen S won a bottle of wine

Tony hit a kangaroo

Swing into Wings

As of writing there are 16 days to go. Ticket sales are progressing well but we need the support of Rotarians and their friends. So follow the link to book your tickets now.

Wollongong Tickets

Interchange – Jake Pearson

Interchange is a Wollongong based service Not for Profit organisation providing flexible family and respite services

Interchange pride themselves on providing Customer driven services

This is the second time Jake has talked to us this year!






Some key points from the presentation

  • Provides opportunities to give carers any type of support
  • A lot of the services provided by Interchange not supported by NDIS
  • Clients look forward to the respite services being offered
  • Interchange provide flexible support
    • In home
    • Host Family
    • Community Access in small groupd
    • Crisis and emergency care
  • Provides programs that are asked for by the Customers
  • A 3 month plan that Customers can book into
  • Saturplay, a key initiative for Interchange is not supported by the NDIS
  • Self Management. Some Customers pay interchange up front and choose the programs they wish to attend
  • The have a respite cottage that is like a family home more so than a hospital. Welcoming place to be.
  • Rely on Volunteers and casual support but training is an issue as this is not recognised as a need by the NDIS
  • NDIS makes  no concession for Carers but there is some support now for Respite
  • This threatens the future of a number of quality not for
  • Interchange have a Training Room that Jake has made available to Rotary (for free)

Minutes Meeting 14/04/2018

In the absence of Brian, Elaine DeVries lead the meeting.

Elaine welcomed our guest speaker, Jake Pearson from Interchange.


Carol Jeffs, Chris Boddington, Bill Wessell, Peter Rixon, Brian Ashe, Ian Wilson, Janice Gray

Project Status

  • Isabel, a St Marys student will be attending RAIC from May 5 – 12
  • The members are working on a project “Overview of Social Justice”
  • Planning the Murder Mystery night fund raiser
  • Challenging teachers to compete in Ride4Rotary!!
  • 6 weeks to go
  • Involving SYSF in Facebook promotion
Swing into Wings
  • So far 142 paid attendees
  • No other Rotary clubs booked so far
  • 275 the target


Elaine DeVries won the raffle and may receive a bottle of wine!



Guest Speaker – Sally Stephenson – Women’s Health Centre

The Illawarra Health Centre is for all women in the Illawarra

It was established 30 years ago in Warilla and supports marginalised women

Domestic violence is bad and getting worse. On average 3000 women are hospitalised each year and 50 women per year are killed. Shellharbour is considered a “hot spot”

These days the definition of abuse extends to emotional abuse and financial abuse

The centre offers a range of services focusing on domestic violence including:

  • GP’s
  • Nurses
  • Social workers
  • Mental Health
  • Massage

They have established external partnerships and run training programs

On a regular basis women have access to Legal, financial and centrelink services to help manage day to day activities. There is a growing number of mature age women accessing these services. One of the benefits of the service is that people are given the time to discuss

The centre is funded by the state government ($400k). There are also grants, Fund raising and providing services to others. eg Disability services

Root Causes of Abuse

The main cause is intergenerational poverty and the reflection of the status of women

Easy access to pornography and associated violence is a problem. It is believed that most 15 year olds have been exposed through the internet

There is also a growing prevalence of violence in young girls

It is believed that if by the age of 8 children have not been taught the principles of respect then it is too late

The centre runs programs (mother/daughter; mother/son) to address these issues.

Sally gave an example of a woman who came to the centre, distraught and seeking support. Within 2 years this person is now running a program for chronic smokers. A significant transformation

Thanks you Sally


Minutes Meeting 6/4/2018


Carol Jeff; Chris Boddington; Bill Wessell; Norm Miller; Yusuf Khalfan; Janice Gray; Stephen Swan


17 members

Guest Speaker

Sally Stephenson – Women’s Health Refuge

President Feedback

  1. End Trachoma.
    1. Regional meeting held. 3 speakers with over 100 attending.
    2. Excellent project.
    3. Australia is the only first world country that still has Trachoma.
    4. Basically exist in remote aboriginal townships and is associated with access to clean water and hygiene. The solution is some basic hygiene awareness and body/clothe washing
  2. Survey of Member views
    1. Letter to be sent to members explaining the purpose of the survey
    2. Survey to be sent out
    3. Special club meeting to be held to review and discuss results


  1. Edith won the raffle and received a bottle of wine
  2. David Swan has been fined In absentia by President Brian !!
  3. Betty entertained all with a “rant”



Philippines Mission Report

Rotary Club of Illawarra Sunrise and partners has  returned from another successful Rotary International Project to the Philippines.

Armed with a budget of $18,000 to purchase medical supplies and other needs the Rotary Club completed its 11th trip in February 2018 when 12 Rotary members and friends of Rotary returned from the Island of Negros after providing much needed medical and dental support.

With support from our Filipino Rotary partners from the Metro Bacolod Rotary club and medical staff we ran 7 clinics in various parts of the Island. Over 1,600 medical consultations, 500 dental patients and many 100’s of school children and others were fed at each of the clinics.

Over the past 11 years the Illawarra Sunrise Club have sent teams over to the Philippines under the leadership of Rotarian Myra Castallino-Hegarty have built homes, provided clean drinking water, have installed over 550 computers into schools and set up training pods for out of work youth, provided buildings for women’s cooperatives to start micro businesses and provided medical and dental treatment for many thousands of indigenous Filipinos who could not afford to attend a doctor or dentist.

Each year the team sees an urgent need, and this year’s need was support for mothers with disabled children.  Three strollers were issued to mothers who were still carrying young teenage sons and daughters around who could not walk. The need is great for people with disabilities as services are very basic and in remote areas non-existent.

A Special thank you must go to our non-Rotarian friends dental staff from “Ambience” dental clinic which supported us this year through dentist    DR Ahmed Bedier, dental nurses Gabrielle Brennan and Holly Moynihan. It was their first such adventure and very confronting at times but they came through with flying colours.

The medical team was led by Rotarian Dr Yusufali Khalfan and two medical nurses from Glenhaven Rotary Club, Elizabeth Rupp and Diane Rupp. Not forgetting the other team members who came to support us from the Rotary Clubs of Illawarra Sunrise, Glenhaven Club of West Sydney and friends.

Illawarra Rotary Club wishes to thank the many friends who have supported the project over the years. A special thank you to Seaton Club of UK and their District for the tireless help and assistance.

Rotarian John Bilboe

Project Manager 13/2008-09

Swing into Wings 2018

Check out the details of this great fund raising event

You can buy your tickets here

Philippines Mission 2018

Check out some of the slideshow photos from the successful mission to the Philippnines

Philippine Mission Team 2018

Philippine Mission Team 2018 from RC Illawarra Sunrise, Australia, RC Glenhaven, Australia & RC Seaton, UK with RC Metro Bacolod, Philippines render Medical Dental Mission at Brgy. Old Sagay, Sagay City; Brgy. Singcang, Brgy. 34 & 35, Bacolod City; & Punta Ballo, Brgy. IV, Sipalay City last Jan. 30 – Feb. 9, 2018.

Posted by Rotary Club of Metro Bacolod on Friday, 16 February 2018

Meeting Minutes 16 Feb

Brian welcomed everyone to the meeting


John Bilboe, Tony McAdam, Ian

General Information

  • Regional Conference Mudgee March 2
  • Corrimal meeting on March 28
  • Combined Illawarra Rotary meeting March 28th
  • Feb 24 opportunity to see the Shell Cove development see Peter R
  • Thank you received for donation to Nepal





 Membership Meeting

  • Needs to be a presentation package for new prospects
  • Frequency of meetings
  • Venue

Presentation Peter Hill

  • Peter was leaving the Port Kembla cafe and noticed some one sitting on a bench
  • Peter checked if OK and the man responded “I will be dead in the morning”
  • Peter continued to talk to the man until he got up and walked down to the beach
  • Peter followed the man but he was annoyed
  • Peter called Lifeline and notified the police
  • The man disappeared into the sand dunes and the weather turned
  • Peter then walked back to his car (and got wet)


 Philippine Feedback

  • 1600 patients seen (508 dental patients and 800 teeth extracted)
  • Big turn around in demand this year compared to last
  • There was a local dental team and bus but our service preferred
  • Support from local Rotarians was good
  • Big demand for prevention!
  • There were many problems that the team could not tackle
  • John Bilboe is the local hero and proved that again this year



  • Yusuf won a bottle of wine