Guess who won the raffle ( plus a bottle of red)

Our Di being presented with a cheque for $257 (half the accumulated money in our raffle) by Acting Sarg Peter Rixon.


Peter Hill is amazing ( the uni chocolate man)

Peter quietly passing on a cheque for $2,000, his latest contribution from chocolate sales to our Autism Research fund.

Guest Speaker Captn Michael Condon ( rtrd)

Stephen Swan welcomed old skiing buddy Michael Condon who retired as a pilot & captain from Qantas last year (March 2014 to be exact). Riveting guest speaker talking in our ‘Day in the Life’ Series.

Our Guest Speaker, Michael Condon, was introduced by Tony as well as Stephen to talk on the topic of a day in the life of a Qantas Pilot. Michael began by informing us that he had been a pilot with Qantas for 46 years and had flown all Qantas planes up to and including Boeing 747-300 and 747-400. Michael began by telling us how to become a Qantas pilot. In 1966 Michael became a Cadet Pilot with Qantas, a very selective apprenticeship where he was trained in aviation and continued tobe trained right up to the end of his career.
Some of the qualities required were, the need to follow orders eg. Pre-take off and the schedule of orders to follow at that time. When needed the ability to give orders, for example if something went wrong then the pilot gave orders to cope with the situation eg. Turn back or evacuate the aircraft, whatever was needed at that time. The ability to learn to cope in an emergency, to tolerate stress and remain calm was essential. There were approximately 10 checks per year on each pilot. Any of these tests could stop you flying for a period of time or permanently. These checks were medical checks or simulator checks orany other check thought to be required.
The second way to be come a pilot is to serve in the Air Force as a pilot and when finished there come over toQantas. About one third of pilots enter Qantas this way. You could privately train as a pilot through small aircraft right up to aircraft used onInternational flights and then apply or there is a University Degree that is applicable to gaining entry to Qantas. The career of a Qantas pilot is one of continuous learning, learning about different planes, about different airports, different equipment andinstrumentation as well as a whole lot of other things.
A pilot must cope with the loneliness of being away from family and loved ones for long periods of time. This has improved with different
communication tools such as Internet and Skype. You also have to cope with food changes, time changes, weather changes and a whole lot of other things. Michael informed us that the busiest time for a pilot was the pre flight period, with Ground Control in your headphones, your engineer talking your co-pilot, the cabin crew, but the best words heard were “Release Brakes” which meant youwere ready for take off and you were then the Pilot.
Michael showed many slides including his last flight in which he was given a water salute on his departure.

Halloween Dinner at Twenty Twenty Tafe

2015-10-28 20.05.33 2015-10-28 20.06.05

What a great night

Three tables full of members, family and friends all enjoying a relaxing (but rather filling) 3 course meal with of course a glass (or 2 of Wine). Thanks to Tony for organising and to the staff and students at the restaurant. It is planned for the same time next year. We have reserved our seats!


A few witches and the odd warlock crashed the event

RSVP for Events

I am experimenting with an on line RSVP system on this site
If you are interested in participating then:

  1. Make sure you are logged in
  2. Click either the event for the Southern Youth meeting and/ or the tafe dinner
  3. Click the relevant RSVP button
  4. your decision will be noted On the event
  5. that’s it

The responses are NOT the official list. This is a testing and club acceptance trial

Comments welcome!

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How to Create a Post

Posts on this website can be created by sending an email to :

Posting to email is a simple way for ALL members to share information. Posting to email is best with one or two images and of course a story.

Posts are a way of communicating to members and the public about what is happening in our club. Examples of posts are:

  • The weekly President’s report
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  • Weekly minutes of meeting
  • Social communications

The website checks the above post box every 30 minutes and publishes any new posts into the website. A simple way to add a post.

However, ONLY club members can do this. If the email address is not recognised by the web site then the post will be rejected.

Here is how you can do it.

  1. Open you email software (gmail, outlook) and create a new email using the your registered Rotary contact email account
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A couple of Do’s and Don’ts

  1. The email needs to be sent using HTML (not plain text) Most email are sent HTML particularly smart phones and tablets.
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What is the Sunrise Survey

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The purpose of this survey is to gather the opinions of club members on a range of issues.

It is intended to pose a survey question each month with the results to be presented and discussed. The feedback will help improve the Illawarra Sunrise Club

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