Pride of Workmanship 2019


The Rotary Club of Illawarra Sunrise hosted its Pride of Workmanship Awards for 2019 to assist business leaders in our Illawarra community to acknowledge their employees who achieve the goal of job satisfaction, and publicly recognise them for their efforts.

Director of Vocational Services, Mr. Peter Rixon said “I have often noticed what is missing in an organisation’s quality system is the human side of quality.  Caring about doing a good job is critical in all levels of an organization.”

This prestigious award, the Pride of Workmanship is targeted to any member of our community, irrespective of age, gender or vocation, who displays outstanding qualities in terms of approach, dedication, attitude and commitment to their workplace service.

Our two nominees of this year the Pride of Workmanship awards where Mr. David Anderson from the Illawarra Turf Club, and Mr. Ernie Beach from the Fairy Meadow Community Centre.  Both David Anderson and Ernie Beach where supported by family and friends who were also present to witness their justified recognition of their workplace achievements.

David Anderson was nominated on behalf of the Illawarra Turf Club (ITC) by Mr. Peter De Vries Chief Executive Office who said “David has been working for ITC for 28 years and is responsible for the wellbeing and condition of the race and training track, as well as the overall grounds.  David is a capable leader of a team, who leads by example.”

Ernie Beach was nominated by Daphne McKenzie who said “Ernie is a selfless man of many hat and roles as he is known as if anyone can, Ernie can.  Ernie cares about doing a good job and takes ownership and responsibility for what he can control.”

Both awardees David Anderson and Ernie Beach lived by the Rotary slogan of “do it once, do it well and build a better Australia.”


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