Guest Speaker 6 July CAROL JEFFS








Carol Jeffs & “Duplicate Bridge”

Carol shared her passion for playing “Duplicate Bridge” at The Bridge Association Club of Wollongong which is among the very few clubs these days, that are actually growing their memberships.  There are other local clubs at Thirroul and Kiama.
The Bridge Association is also are making inroads into introducing Bridge into high schools, a nomination has also been prepared for it to be included in the Olympic program.  It  is  also worth noting that it’s a great way to “hold off” dementia, it costs $5 for 2-3 hours of entertainment and  it is not a gambling activity.
Carol entertained us with the somewhat “tricky” aspects of this game Viz:

  • You play with a partner so it’s important that you and your partner are on the same page in terms of “bidding” and understanding the “codes”
  • Fortunately though a Director is always on duty to make sure that you don’t “throttle” your partner.
  • There are “learn to play” sessions and the skills required are logic, mathematical skills ( i.e. that you can count to 13) and tolerance to not throttle your partner on a regular basis.
  • There are some fantastic travel opportunities also, to go on a Bridge Playing Cruise… WOW look at the one to Antarctica!

But when the big stakes are  up for grabs, there are stories  of “The Italians”, who used the precise positioning of the Bridge Board  to signal to partners and “The Germans”, who were discovered using a type of morse-code coughing bouts to assist their attempts at victory.
A most entertaining performance from Carol this week and when Peter, Elaine and Isla decided to trial a short game, David , Michael and Wyn  were ready and willing to offer suggestions about how to play their cards.

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