Minutes  15th June, 2018


Club Assembly

Carol Jeffs, Chris Boddington, Bill Wessel, Ian Wilson, Yusuf Khalfan, Ian McMaugh, Bernadette McNamara, John Bilboe


President Brian
Explained that this meeting would be a Club Assembly, since there won’t be a meeting next Friday (22nd June) because the Changeover is on this Sunday.

Elaine Devries
1st Race Day Meeting 21st June
There was an error on the previous date emailed for 1st Race Day meeting, it will be on 21st Jun (not the 28th), still at Elaine’s place at 6pm.

Meeting with Novotel
They have accepted only 3 breakfast meetings per month And have lowered the price for the buffet to $19pp.

MOTION  That we accept the Novotel offer for the next 6 months (Moved Elaine./Seconded Edith)           CARRIED.
AMENDMENT For those not having breakfast, Members will pay $5.00   CARRIED  (Isla/Wynn)

President Brian
Changeover About 26-28 expected. Apologies from Corrimal President, instead Secretary Kay will be there.  Brian has talked to Sue Hayward about a Shared Presidency and that is acceptable. There will be a Joint Meeting Wed 22nd Aug so no 24th August Breakfast Meeting. Peter Rixon will now be Assistant DG  for Sothern District. Northern will now be Frank Pazzimenti.

Elaine Hart
3rd August; St Mary’s Murder Mystery Night.

Secretary Isla.
Letter of Thanks
1.  From Autism Spectrum Group. Thanking us for the donation and explaining that they will be using the money to “Teach Responsibilities”
2   From Kidz Canver for our $200 donation.
3   $200 for Aspect School

Peter Rixon
Attended the Imagination Library meeting and has suggested  a request for $500 donation.
9th August, there will be a Movie night.

Raffle was won by Elaine Hart 

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