President Brian’s Report No 25

There have been two important events this past week, the first was the special meeting about the future of the club and the second was the presentation of cheques gained from Wings Over Illawarra.

Firstly the meeting which was held at the Anchorage Restaurant on Thursday 24 May 2018 which began at 6 pm and finished at 7.30pm, when we adjourned to the restaurant for a meal. The meeting was governed by resolutions sent in by members before the due date and most of which had been circulated to all members. The meeting was well attended by members but unfortunately those members that we have not seen for a while did not take this opportunity to  re-engage. Motions were put and then debated with some very thoughtful and creative discussion.

There were eight motions put before the meeting of which two were carried and the remaining defeated. There will be further discussions about the outcome of this meeting so all that I would like to say was thank you to all who attended, thank you for the frank and open discussion and thank you most of all for the convivial way the meeting conducted itself.

The second meeting I attended was the presentation of the HARS cheques of the money donated by the  Bright family, raised through Wings Over Illawarra. This meeting was held at HARS on Monday 28 May beginning at 10.30am. I had the pleasure of receiving the cheque and handing it onto Ms Kay Perry from the Aspect South Coast School at Corrimal, our chosen charity. Ms Perry spoke on what the school was doing for children with Autism and what the money would be used for. There were five clubs from Northern Illawarra at the presentation because these were the clubs that have been actively involved with Wings Over Illawarra. Mr and Mrs Bright were not able to be there as they had a short notice meeting called in Sydney that they had to attend, but their generosity was well recognised for the continuing contribution to Rotary for $10,000.00 from this event.

Just a short addition; Wings Over Illawarra is a spectacular event and I would recommend attendance next year by all, a great day out.

Have a safe week and I look forward to joining with you all on Friday.
Kindest Regards
Brian Ashe