Draft only : Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 24 May 2018


Extraordinary General Meeting 24th May 2018
6pm to 7.30pm : Anchorage Restaurant

Stephen Swan, Norm Miller, Peter Hill, Rowan Huxtable, Michael Yabsley, Isla Bowen, David Swan, Ian Wilson, Edith Wilson, John Bilboe, Ian Fargher, Brian Ashe, Peter Rixon, Rob Edwards, Elaine De Vries, Paul McKenna. Wyn Janssen,  Carol Jeffs
NON-MEMBERS  Collette Rixon, Betty Hassen (Friend of Rotary)

Ian McMaugh,  Mark Hampton,  Robyn Fanning,  Elaine Hart,  Bernie McNamara,  Tony McAdam,  Chris Boddington,
Bill Wessel,  Yusuf Khalfan, Graham Williams

Brian opened the meeting and welcomed members. It was accepted that Betty Hassen (as a not-voting member) would act as Minutes Secretary for the meeting. Brian outlined that the meeting would proceed with discussions on each of the motions presented, which had previously been emailed to members and the meeting would close at 7.30pm.

Motion 1
Re: Reducing membership costs by subsiding members with Club revenue funds
Issues were debated for 25 minutes before the Motion was put, with the issue of legal v moral issues of using  such funds. The cost  of membership all up was accepted as the main issue and other avenues to decrease costs were suggested
The motion was LOST.

Motion 2
Re: Subsidising membership costs ($350pa) to be an incentive to only those members with 80
% attendance
In view of  Motion 1 being lost, Motion 2 was WITHDRAWN

Motion 3
Re: Moving to fortnightly meetings
Most discussion raised issues of breakfast v social meetings, venues, changing venues and keeping track of meeting dates  response from the current venue (Novotel) and insufficient information available about venues, breakfasts etc.  The motion was LOST

Motion 4
Re: Move from the Novotel
Discussion focused on suggested possibilities that complied with proximity to Wollongong CBD, decent parking etc.
Since information was basically anecdotal and decisions could not be made until  more specific details were available, the President asked for a suspension of discussions.

Motion 5
Re: Introducing alternate “Social” meetings  into regular breakfast meeting program
Concern was raised about 2 meetings per month not being adequate and the survey indicating that most members want more “social activities” a suggestion of a TRIAL for 6 months was suggested with 3 club meetings per month and one social event that need not necessarily be a visit to restaurant
The motion was CARRIED

Motion 6
Re: Charge for members who attend meetings but do not have breakfast
Discussion mainly supported the concept and even if different venues were to be looked at with more ‘a la carte’ breakfast options that members contribute at least $5 per meeting  towards club funds
The motion was CARRIED.

Motion 7
Re: Review of job descriptions, onerous program of duties for President and Executive members.
Since clubs are constrained by RI constitutional requirements and procedures, this motion was WITHDRAWN 

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