President Brian’s Report : Number 23


Friday’s speaker was a most interesting fellow who has accomplished many things in his life already.  Certainly his life did not seem to be one of nine to five employment, as most of us do but was out there riding around Australia raising money for charity. His story was most inspirational and it will be interesting to hear from him in five years time as I believe Michael is capable of anything.

Swing into Wings was on this last weekend and I manned the Rotary Information stall on both Saturday and Sunday morning up until midday. Peter Hill was also there helping and Peter Rixon did the afternoon. The amount of people that were there was staggering as well as the aviation show put on by many different aircraft and the static display of historic planes that are present. The Roulettes and the F/A-18 Hornets were the highlights for me, the first for precision flying and the second for sheer noise and speed.

Swing into Wings was held on the Saturday night and it was, in my opinion, the Best Yet. Tony McAdam has done a wonderful job in organising the whole evening.

Our Guest Speaker, Lisa Norman flew the first new Dreamliner that Qantas has and gave an excellent talk about aviation. I also had the enormous pleasure of presenting a memento to each of the Captains of Qantas involved in the record breaking first flight of a Boeing 747-400 registered VH OJA from London to Sydney, the world’s longest flight and also the Captains of the last flight also a record of the shortest flight on the same plane. That flight was 11 minutes. To have all those who flew those two epic flights in the one room at the same time was a great coup for Tony. As well as that HARS has the aircraft that flew those flights, and many more, at Albion Park.

The second highlight for me was when the Roulettes sought me out and presented me with a signed print, shot from within the cabin, with the other Roulettes just off each wing and the Apostles on the South Australian Coast in the background. A stunning trophy which the club will decide what to do with to raise funds. Perhaps Race Day?

All in all a very busy week which took its toll on my ageing body, by falling asleep on my lounge Sunday afternoon when I had planned to visit Ian in hospital. I did get out there on Monday afternoon and the good news is that Ian was planned to be discharged Wednesday 9 May 2018. Ian was sure looking forward to this.

Have a safe week and I look forward to joining with you all on Friday
Brian Ashe   

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