Member Survey 2018 -Preliminary Analysis


A survey of club members was held to solicate views on member’s feelings towards the club and where they believe the club needs to improve/change. The survey was sent to the 34 current members and we had 22 responses (65%). A couple of members encountered technical difficulties and unfortunately could not complete the survey.

The survey took the form of 10 questions based on another Rotary Club survey and some aspects of the Rotary Membership Survey. The survey was conducted on line. Results are attached for you to review.

Below is a broad analysis of the survey resulting from the considered view of a member sub committee. We looked at the results to identify the positives that exist within the club and also areas that can be improved. Although the sub committee discussed the issues and opportunities it was felt that in many cases we need to understand the underlying concern or what the alternates are.

The committee also felt that some of the issues and expectations derive from the “Rotary Machine” and we may need to work with the District to provide direction and effect some changes.

Survey Summary Question (Q1)

The chart reflects the results from Question 1


Without going into any details, the following positives and Issues and opportunities have been identified

The Positives from the Survey

In general members feel welcome in the club with opportunities to contribute their skills to make a difference in the community.

Club meetings are well received with the quality and diversity of speakers deserving note.

Feedback on the degree and format of communication to club members also rates highly.

Members strongly support fund raising activities.

Issues and Opportunities from the Survey

We have assigned the following three categories to the issues and opportunities. The sub committee believe the following issues are high priority and will form the basis of club member input and discussion. Categories are:

  • Club Meeting improvements
  • Cost of Membership
  • Board and Club Member participation

Next Steps

The findings will be discussed with club members in detail and the outcomes communicated























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