President Brian’s Report : No 22

Catch up with webmasters

I would like to report that the survey about our club has been sent to all members and I request that you complete that survey and return it for compilation. The second thing that I would inform all members is that I now have three completed “Rotary Youth Volunteer Information and Declaration Form 3” and will have to report by the end of the month on this matter. Attendance at our last meeting was 12, which seems to confirm that there is a problem with attendance and whilst that might be the new norm it does pose difficulties with finances, which will need to be resolved before it is too late.

The Board meeting was again taken up mostly by the impending meeting about the future of the club. The survey was presented, discussed and approved for circulation to members. The Board also spoke about the proposed date for the Philippines trip 2019, which clashes with Australia Day again, and we are waiting for advice from John Bilboe who was going to speak to Myra about this matter. The Board expressed it’s disappointment that our request for leaving Australia Day free was not taken up. There was also a suggestion that the Dental Nurses that were on the last trip to the Philippines be requested to do a presentation to our club at a date to be fixed. During discussions about our up and coming Race Day, one charity that was mentioned was Interchange and as we have given money a number of times as well as the chance of mutual benefit, a Memorandum of Understanding is to be considered. The Memorandum would be similar to the one with Dream Big Dancers with the same conditions and agreements. Also discussed was the Illawarra Retirement Trust which is setting up a new service for Aged Care and The IRT will be asked to present this at our meeting for consideration that we support this new project through Race Day.

So again I request that the survey be completed and returned as well as the Rotary Youth Volunteer form be completed and returned to me as soon as possible.

As Anzac Day fell during this week a small reading was presented about the losses Australia has seen through World War 1,WW2, Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan, followed by a minute silence and the Ode was then read out.

Have a safe time and I hope to see you on Friday.
Brian Ashe