Interchange – Jake Pearson


Interchange is a Wollongong based service Not for Profit organisation providing flexible family and respite services

Interchange pride themselves on providing Customer driven services

This is the second time Jake has talked to us this year!






Some key points from the presentation

  • Provides opportunities to give carers any type of support
  • A lot of the services provided by Interchange not supported by NDIS
  • Clients look forward to the respite services being offered
  • Interchange provide flexible support
    • In home
    • Host Family
    • Community Access in small groupd
    • Crisis and emergency care
  • Provides programs that are asked for by the Customers
  • A 3 month plan that Customers can book into
  • Saturplay, a key initiative for Interchange is not supported by the NDIS
  • Self Management. Some Customers pay interchange up front and choose the programs they wish to attend
  • The have a respite cottage that is like a family home more so than a hospital. Welcoming place to be.
  • Rely on Volunteers and casual support but training is an issue as this is not recognised as a need by the NDIS
  • NDIS makesĀ  no concession for Carers but there is some support now for Respite
  • This threatens the future of a number of quality not for
  • Interchange have a Training Room that Jake has made available to Rotary (for free)

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