Minutes Meeting 6/4/2018



Carol Jeff; Chris Boddington; Bill Wessell; Norm Miller; Yusuf Khalfan; Janice Gray; Stephen Swan


17 members

Guest Speaker

Sally Stephenson – Women’s Health Refuge

President Feedback

  1. End Trachoma.
    1. Regional meeting held. 3 speakers with over 100 attending.
    2. Excellent project.
    3. Australia is the only first world country that still has Trachoma.
    4. Basically exist in remote aboriginal townships and is associated with access to clean water and hygiene. The solution is some basic hygiene awareness and body/clothe washing
  2. Survey of Member views
    1. Letter to be sent to members explaining the purpose of the survey
    2. Survey to be sent out
    3. Special club meeting to be held to review and discuss results


  1. Edith won the raffle and received a bottle of wine
  2. David Swan has been fined In absentia by President Brian !!
  3. Betty entertained all with a “rant”



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