Report from President Brian : Number 20


9 March 2018
My last week was all about District Conference. We made a bit of a trip of it staying one night in Bathurst then one at Orange, three nights in Mudgee and one night in Cowra on the return trip. The conference was of equal standing with the previous conference at Wollongong with excellent speakers from a wide range of people. The conference dinner was at the Rural Education Centre which, is in fact a very large shed, no air and thirty degrees. It was hot but who can control the weather. There was three hundred and seventy six Rotarians at the conference so it was well attended. Illawarra was well represented although Sunrise only had two who went.

On my return there was the usual hundred emails to short out although two were from Rotary and marked urgent. The first was about insurance and I will fix that but the second was about all club members. It was the “Rotary Youth Volunteer and Declaration Form 3” This form is to be filled in by all members but there is a difference to previous years. Not only do you need a Police check, done by email, but you need to nominate three referees which the club’s Authorised Officer will contact and verify. Both the Authorised Officer and the club President must sign to say that the member has satisfactorily completed the form, Referees have been contacted and the working with children Police check has been done and the member is a suitable volunteer. To get all members to do this will be a massive task as it is difficult to get a number of members to reply to anything. That said I hope there is an excellent response to this task.

Friday’s meeting was very good in that we had two students, sponsored by Fairy Meadow and Sunrise Clubs, from St Mary’s College telling us about their experience at the Youth Science Forum held in Queensland. We also had Aleks from Propel Technologies giving us information on how to protect your on line sites.

Clean Up was on Saturday at the Mt Kembla Lookout however I was 20 minutes late, the others had cleaned up and left to another site (secret business), so I had a pleasant Saturday Morning drive without result. I can now tell you where Mt Kembla Lookout is and could save you the additional 25 klms. I travelled.

Hope you all have a very pleasant week.
Brian Ashe  

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