Minutes of 9 March, 2018 : Chris Boddington


Secretary Isla who is busy tramping the Queen Charlotte Track in NZ with our IT guru Michael sent out a please be there reminder to members because we had an interesting morning coming up with a trio of guest speakers.  And for those who read the fine print it was a most interesting morning because we learnt the Novotel is  planning to turn the Windjammers into a Function Centre.  What this means for club meetings is still to be determined. But we must acknowledge that the Novotel has been most supportive with everything from our Change Over to Australia Day to no room rate charge for our morning meetings to not requiring numbers for breakfasts a week ahead. So it’s understandable that from time to time they need to look at the business of running a hotel. And this is obviously currently happening … Now back to the meeting.

We had our two National Science Forum  candidates from St Mary’s & their teacher Liz Davies attend the meeting to report back on their week away. It was wonderful to hear their enthusiasm at getting to network with other bright young people and older members of the science community all enthusiastic about science, currently fashionably referred to as STEM ( Science, technology, engineering & maths – I just had to google it).

A wise Rotarian once said to us that the health of a Rotary club has been shown to be linked to the strength of the youth programs it supports. And so this turned out to be a prescient comment with our best breakfast numbers for weeks all coming to listen to what will hopefully be two of our science leaders of the future. So we had Emma McFadden & Mildred Sim two impressive young ladies reporting back on their fabulous week with a network of contacts & new friends which will all contributed to valuing  & empowering tomorrow’s scientists. And surely we need to support our young people & our girls into this important field.  I assure you lots of photos were taken which you can find on our website.

Then our Guest Speaker Alex Rachlewicz from Propel Technologies managed to shake a few folks up & generated a lot of interest by discussing Data Safety & passwords.  By the time he’d finished discussing how easy it was to harvest your email address, your password & your identity he had us all concentrating on his advice.
Alex is a colleague of our Guest Speaker coordinator Peter Hill & we were most interested to hear Alex’s advice on how to make your data safe. In fact a few of us noted Alex’s contact details ( www.propeltech.com.au 0401874899) & think it may be a wise investment in the security of our systems. He also said set up a two step banking system where any fund transfers are cross checked before they are completed. Yep, do it!

His final piece of advice on passwords resonated with some of us older members. He said keep a paper copy of your passwords somewhere safe because no one from the dark side can hack those. He also worrisomely said he changes all his passwords routinely each new year & each new financial year. Yep, that’s each six months but only the important ones. Get yourself a password manager or give Alex a call.
Finally it was great to see everyone at breakfast & hear about all the projects currently underway. Best Swing Into Wings ever said Tony, get your tickets now!

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