Minutes of Meeting : 23 Feb 2018

What is costs to be a member of Rotary

Brian led an extensive discussion about the future of the club, membership and membership costs.
We have 35 financial members but an average meeting attendance of only about 12-15.
Our annual costs (eg dues to district and international) are $326/member. ($291.82 excluding guest speakers).
Our annual fees are $350/member.
Other clubs use fundraisers to pay some of these costs.
Brian is to check the legality of using some of our fundraising proceeds to cover some of our rotary costs.
Our charge to attend meetings is $30 of which $26 goes to the Novotel.
The Novotel doesn’t charge for room hire, but nevertheless this cost is $1200 for 40 meetings/ year.
In additions there are fines / donations / raffle.
Is there a more cost effective way of having meetings? Do we need to meet every week?
The combined cost of membership and meeting attendance was agreed to be a deterrent to membership.
We have no president elect for next term and no new people prepared to be on the board.
This is unsustainable. So in the absence of some major change our club will fold up in the next couple of years.
Brian is to arrange an extraordinary meeting to review what to do about this.

Some other points discussed:
The centurion club. We are paying for it as part of the $326. Why? Wollongong have recovered. How?
Why have recent members joined?

We received a card from Robyn Allen from the Kairos Prison Ministry thanking us for our $200 donation

Apologies Isla and Michael, Edith and Ian
Sergeant: Wyn jansen
Minutes  Rowan Huxtable