Meeting Minutes 16 Feb


Brian welcomed everyone to the meeting


John Bilboe, Tony McAdam, Ian

General Information

  • Regional Conference Mudgee March 2
  • Corrimal meeting on March 28
  • Combined Illawarra Rotary meeting March 28th
  • Feb 24 opportunity to see the Shell Cove development see Peter R
  • Thank you received for donation to Nepal





 Membership Meeting

  • Needs to be a presentation package for new prospects
  • Frequency of meetings
  • Venue

Presentation Peter Hill

  • Peter was leaving the Port Kembla cafe and noticed some one sitting on a bench
  • Peter checked if OK and the man responded “I will be dead in the morning”
  • Peter continued to talk to the man until he got up and walked down to the beach
  • Peter followed the man but he was annoyed
  • Peter called Lifeline and notified the police
  • The man disappeared into the sand dunes and the weather turned
  • Peter then walked back to his car (and got wet)


 Philippine Feedback

  • 1600 patients seen (508 dental patients and 800 teeth extracted)
  • Big turn around in demand this year compared to last
  • There was a local dental team and bus but our service preferred
  • Support from local Rotarians was good
  • Big demand for prevention!
  • There were many problems that the team could not tackle
  • John Bilboe is the local hero and proved that again this year



  • Yusuf won a bottle of wine

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