Meeting Minutes 8/12/2017


Wyn Janssen; Ian Fargher; Bernie McNamara; John Pearman; John Bilboe; Edith Wilson; Ian Wilson; Bill Wessel; Chris Boddington

Upcoming Events

Bunnings Sat 9th.
  • People committed to helping throughout the day
  • Raw material purchases complete. $1000 spent
Family Breakfast 15th Dec
  • Bring a wrapped present for adult OR unwrapped for a child
  • Someone to cover the desk (Elaine away)
  • Centrepiece for table (3 types of paper clip minimum)  😥
Xmas dinner 16th Dec
  • Need attendance numbers

Meeting 1 2018

  • Jan 19th @ Brian’s place @ 6:30pm


  • Sales @BBQ tomorrow
  • Elaine will collect ticket butts and money at the end of the day
  • Kembla Grange 16th. Sellers in place and Elaine will collect the money
  • Draw on 17th. Gordon in place. Peter Hill to click marquee, pa etc

Rise and Shine Presentation

  • Brian presented with a certificate (and “goodies” bag) thanking the club for their support
  • Brian conducted a hotly contested auction for  the contents of the “goodies” bag

RSL Race Day in April

  • We are supporting the event through ticket sales

Swing into Wings 2018

  • Planning going well


  • Peter Hill collected fines
  • Isla won the raffle (and wine)