President Brian’s Report : Number 16

David Swan has been elected as the Returning Officer for our Annual General meeting so that all nominations should be sent to him directly. David will also run the election of office bearers on the day. Please support your club by thinking about what you might do. The election is 8 December, next meeting so time is ticking away.

Our first ever BBQ for Bunnings will be held on Saturday 9 December 2017 so members will be needed. Elaine DeVries is the Coordinator of this fund raiser so please advise her which shifts you can do.

Our Christmas Party is to be held on Saturday 16 December beginning at 6.30 for 7.00pm. Please advise Isla if you are coming as soon as you can.

Our Family Christmas Breakfast will be on Friday 15 December and it is my special request that all members try to bring someone along especially children,

Grandchildren, parents, a friend or someone you just picked up on the street if needed. Also please bring a wrapped adult present or an unwrapped child’s present or both as we do each year for the Women’s Shelter.

That is just what is coming up for the club.

Congratulations to Elaine DeVries as well as the biggest THANK YOU that can be given to Peter DeVries for Race Day. There were no horses because of the rain the night before but the show must go on and it did. It was a fabulous day enjoyed by everyone I spoke to. We changed the meals to table service and I think this was well accepted, the activity in the room was purposefully lessened but the events that were held were given better attention and the room raised over $6,000.00 on the day. With the help of Mr DeVries the day raised nearly $19,000.00. What a day, what an effort and what a success. Thank you all who helped.

I have also attended the “Solar Lights” presentation at the combined clubs meeting where there were 2 presentations, the first by Di North on the activities and reconstructive surgery done and the second on the Solar Lights. Di spoke very well and her presentation was well received. The Solar Light  presentation was also very informative and for those that do not know Solar Lights are exactly that. Small, strong, inexpensive LED Lights powered by batteries charged the sun. These LED lights when charged up will last all night long. The lights replace fires that some remote areas use for light and this has removed one dangerous problem, burns, as well as keeps some more trees growing. My thoughts were that there are some pretty remote areas in Australia inhabited by indigenous people that may benefit from these lights. Food for thought for Ian Fargher,s committee next year.

The busy time has been for all so I take this opportunity to thank all those members involved in club activities both now and throughout the year.

May I also, If I do not get around everyone personally, wish all Members, Friends and their families a very happy, safe, Christmas and all what you may wish for in the New Year

Brian Ashe