President Brian’s report for 10th November , ’17

President’s Report Number 14
It was very encouraging to welcome two new guests this morning to our meeting. I spoke with both and one seems keen to be a member and the other to become a friend. I hope this works out well and we have four more hands to help out in our club. Our meeting this morning was fairly relaxed as there was no guest speaker and we could not organise another speaker with that short notice. However many things were raised and clarified with reports from the Race Day, The Raffle, The Gala Movie Night and the Combined Club Meeting at Dapto.

I also came to the realisation that we are pretty busy during this month. I tried to organise an afternoon at the Battery to get some preparation work done before painting. I mentioned Tuesday but was told that was the Melbourne Cup, I went to Wednesday, that is the Movie Night, Thursday is the Race Day meeting so I gave up for this week. There will be a Working Bee on Saturday 11 November and even though that is Armistice Day, we will stop work at 11am for reflection and continue after that two minutes.  It would seem very hard to get a day with nothing on.

I spoke to Ian Wilson today and he informed me that Edith is still not back to her best and is still seeing the doctor to refine the dose of medication she is currently taking. Ian also told me that Edith is concerned about the Birthdays slipping through and has the cards nearly complete so I will pick them up and distribute when they are given to me. We all look forward to the return of the Wilsons to our club meetings.

My final statement this week is that all projects are on track and things seem to be going well. Thank you to all club members for their support in these activities, without that support there would be nothing to write about.

Stay safe and I will see you in a week if not before
Brian Ashe