Presentation – Kookaburra Kids

Anita Kenny talked to us about her passion for the Kookaburra Kids Foundation.

This project organises support for kids living In a family affected by mental illness.

Interestingly it started with families in the Sutherland Shire & has since spread to offer support in both Wollongong & the ACT.

The project basically relies on volunteers & corporate support to run camps & school holiday activities. The activities are age specific so that kids can find others facing similar challenges & experiences. Chat sessions are able to be focussed again on age specific groups so are relevant to the kids & the situation they are living in.

Even more interesting is the link that has evolved in the ACT with the Defence Department recognising how this Kookaburra Kids program provides much needed support for kids in military families. There are many services to help adults but nothing specific for the kids coping with family members with PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome).

So this area of the program for Defence Families was launched in the ACT with bipartisan support & will be rolled out into the rest of Australia in 2018. Rotarian Dr Jusuf Kalfan commented ‘don’t forget Tasmania’ after spending three weeks on locum with families there & noting a similar need.

Children are referred by schools, inter agencies & families & a well known member of the community, John Brogden, is the Patron.

Brian searched round in his Presidential pockets & found a donation for this most useful community initiative.

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