President Brian’s Report : 3 November, 2014


President’s Report Number 13

Halloween at TAFE on Wednesday evening was to be enjoyed by all who attended and there was a good roll out. Thirty six members and their guests were treated to a three course meal with wine, beer or soft drink in a dining room dripping with cob webs and all sorts of other spooky stuff.  Bloodless mocktails were served to all, which added to the evening. Well done TAFE.

True spirit was tested at our first day selling raffle tickets last Friday at Lifeline Book Fair. We were positioned at the entrance to the grounds, in a portable gazebo, out in the open with rain coming in from all directions, a strong wind whipping across the basketball fields and temperatures of about 13 degrees celcius. To those that were there I salute you. I have been down and out with a head full of cold symptoms since my 3 hours there on that day. Pickings were slim and it was hard work to get someone to stop let alone buy a raffle ticket but all there battled on. I am glad the next two days were a lot brighter and over the three days $3,200.00 of tickets were sold. This is a very good start.

The Battery Park Working Bee only attracted 3 members and 1 partner. With such small numbers there was not much work done but the day identified what was needed to be done and we will really need participation from members to achieve what is needed. I have spoken to Dulux (Council’s paint supplier) and with their expertise I now know what paint, type, amount and extras are needed. I will organise an order from Council when it is needed.

I am a bit short this week because I have been in Hervey Bay for the last few days and only got home Tuesday.   However, stay safe and well until next week when we meet again.

Brian Ashe

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