We raised $3229.20 for our raffle sales at the Lifeline book Fair this weekend. This is an excellent start for our raffle considering:

  • Our overhead costs – the costs of prizes and tickets – are approx $2000. So we have already cleared them
  • Last year we sold 3.5 times as many tickets at the turf club as we did at the book fair.
  • This year we have more selling dates at the turf club.
  • the $5 ticket price deterred very few people at the book fair – so it won’t at the turf club.

So I think we are well on track to exceed the upper expectation I put in the budget – $5230 – PROVIDED we can get a big team of volunteers at work on our turf club dates – 28/10, 18/11, 2/12, 16/12.

Our tickets sellers did a wonderful job. On Friday Bill, Chris , Betsy, Peter Rixon, Brian, Michael and Isla broke the drought somehow  (GOOD WORK !) but carried on through the rain . Amazing they are still alive really. Bill, Chris and Peter Rixon did the hard yards by backing up on Sat and Sunday as well.

Peter “hard sell” Hill and Tony McMedia turned up sat and sunday

Thanks very much to theresa wolfe and sharon from the Womens Health Centre – and to Sharons friend rhonda – for helping out

Freny Balaji proved to be a a very pleasant and effective ticket salesperson

Di North came straight from a meeting in sydney to help us

Denis “slab of crownies” Suess was in fine form

Elaine and Ian Hart doubled up after helping at Brians battery working bee.

Ian McMaugh made it all the way from Thirroul

All in all a great effort.

(if anyone has any more photos – send them and i will put them up!)