President Brian’s Report for 20th Oct, 2017

President’s Report No 11

 I was impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the Board Members at the meeting on Tuesday evening. There was a lot of commitment to take on some new carefully chosen projects, but more of that later.

Elaine DeVries has accepted responsibility for our first Bunnings BBQ and with help from our members.  I am sure it will go well.

Information has been sent through to Kevin Browning to organise for a refund of the money not used, so far, for the Nordonfelt Gun, which was a grant from the Department of Veteran Affairs some time ago.

It was very good to welcome Warwick Hansen to our meeting this morning.

I have set a date for a working bee which will be Sunday 22 October beginning at 9.00am. For those of you who think I said Saturday at the meeting not Sunday, are not aware that my wife retires on the Friday 20 October and I failed to look at our calendar which has a lunch function on that Saturday. Sorry my bad which I corrected immediately after being told.

The combined Northern Christmas Party which was being planned by Corrimal has been stopped for lack of enthusiasm and the tentative booking discarded

To get back to the discussions at the Board about new projects, one was to investigate the possible revitalising of Corrimal’s “Bush Relief” where the Club brought  a country family doing it tough with drought, fires and other hardship down to Wollongong for a week so that the family could have a break, the kids might see the ocean for the first time and generally try to relieve stress for a short period which we hope would be helpful not for just that week but ongoing into the future. This idea was then raised at our Club Assembly and it was generally agreed to get more information about the project but that it was worthwhile and could be done.

Out of that discussion Ian Fargher raised a project that this club had undertaken some time ago which was an organised trip to a country area, at that time Harden, and this trip not only strengthened  friendship within the club, within the club and the community but also brought dollars to that region with the club’s stay. Ian has agreed to coordinate this project but he must have time to complete his Doctorate. We informed Ian that he could wear his new hat to Rotary and we would address him as Doctor if he did this.

I also visited Ian and Edith and Thursday and brought a box of flowers to them from the club. Edith is recovering but may be away for some time

Stay safe and well until next week when we meet again.