President Brian’s Report No 10 : 13th October Meeting


I am amazed at how quickly this year is passing, having been reminded today when I attended the first meeting, with Blue Juice and Wollongong Council, for the planning of Australia Day.  I then returned home to organise our permit to march as well as making contact with the Illawarra Pipe Band seeking their support again. Council assured me that the pyrotechnics will be supplied this year because Howard and Sons will liaise with a local company to be on site on time to do the job. I have asked for a meeting with all parties on site to verify this.

I have also spoken with the Police Officer responsible for the Marching Permit and he has referred me to the web page on “Crowded Places Self Assessment Tool” an assessment tool to measure the threat of a potential Terrorist Attack. I am afraid to say this is the new world we are living in.

Many and varied hats this morning from what looked like a lamp shade to David McSwan all on parade. Well done to all those “Wearers” today. Money raised in fines will go to Mental Health.

Next Tuesday will be a Board Meeting at my place with interested members welcome to attend. Further upcoming events include Halloween at the TAFE, Rotary Health Dinner Thursday 19 October at Dooleys Catholic Club in Lidcombe and a joint Rotary Christmas Party to be held at the Master Builder’s Club on Friday 15 December. This joint party will not replace our own Christmas Party but is an opportunity for members to join in with other Northern Illawarra Rotary Clubs to celebrate Christmas.

I also encourage members to put their names down on the roster to sell raffle tickets as the dates and venues are reduced this year but concentrated where we believe tickets will sell. The time commitment will not be as much but we still need someone to sell on those days.

Stay safe and I will see you all next Friday, upstairs on the 4th level at the Novotel.
Brian Ashe


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