Minutes of 29th September Meeting : Wyn Janssen


President:          Brian Ash
Sergeant:            David Swan
Visitors:              Di North,  Governor Stephen Britten, Stephanie Britten (Stephen’s daughter who was deputising for his wife
Jane, who couldn’t make it today due to work commitments).

Apologies:          Michael & Isla, Peter Rixon, Robyn Fanning, John Bilboe (celebrating 55 years married, Elain Devries and
Carol Jeffs.

Loyal Toast:        Stephen Swan

Birthdays:           Nil


Di North (District Governor 2019/2020 elect)
Di spoke on four issues: –
1.Rotary Foundation Dinner to be held on 20th November; the guest speaker will be Jennifer Jones.
2.The combined Rotary Meeting on 22nd October at the Dapto Leagues Club;
3.Movie night on 8th November at the Gala Theatre; the movie is “Murder on the Orient Express”; and
4.In February 2018 a combined club meeting to discuss the Endtrachoma project.


Stephen has a dream :
To resolve the issue of 65 million displaced people due to conflict;
To resolve the issue of 75 million people who do not have enough to eat;
That by 2030 all people in the world have access to clean, safe water and hygiene;
No mother dies in child birth due to lack of equipment and facilities;
Polio is eradicated through the Polio Plus program; and
Education for all.

Recently an independent organisation looked at what makes Rotary unique in the world and they came up with four points:
1  Size – 35-40,000 clubs around the world;
2  Persistent in endeavours for over 30 years, e.g. Polio Plus;
3  The Classification of members; and
4  Our core values.

In terms of our District he observed:
The decline in membership over the past few years although there has been a reversal of that trend this year.
Clubs are aging and women represent only 25% of membership. He would prefer smaller clubs to merge or fold to make larger more vibrant clubs.
We need to be better at telling people what we do; get the message out into the community.
The Foundation provides support to encourage Peace & eliminate Conflict, provide sanitation and clean water to those who do not have it, saving mothers and their children, growing the economy of the poorer states, and education for all.
One third of the Foundation funds goes back into the district.

He raised the issue of what clubs could do to make them more sustainable and raised issues such as:

  • Circulate the Club Health Check to all members to see the areas where the club could improve;
  • Find out why people are joining Rotary and check if we are delivering on what they are looking for;
  • We are living in a changing world so how are we meeting those changes and engage the younger community;
  • Emphasise the Rotary club network and members are welcome to attend them;
  • Encourage and welcome new members and make them part of the organisation and not let them wither in the background;
  • In these difficult economic times are the costs to excessive or should we look at alternative cost models;
  • Get people involved. Develop fellowship and make contacts.

Lastly, he reminded us that:

  • The District Conference will be held in Mudgee in March 2018;
  • The club should push for a Presidential citation.

Stephen also raised the two Projects that his wife Jane is passionate about, namely YOUTH.  Firstly, the Australian Health Scholarship into youth mental health and the other being Inspirational Youth Awards to be issued to disadvantaged youth.

The raffle was won by Elaine Hart but she did not select the joker so she collected a nice bottle of red wine.

CLOSURE   The meeting closed at 8.30am.

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