President’s Report No 7 : President Brian


I started this week with a meeting with Michael Hough, Greg Scott (Historian) and Fiona Reynolds (National Trust) about the Battery on Cliff Road.  The main themes were what problems we have had with Council and how those difficulties could be overcome, how we could all work together to enable more strength and what other activities could be done if any in the future. 

I have also signed off and returned the signed copy on the Bunnings BBQ for 9 December so now we have to get our act together. I have been told that a Bunnings BBQ is an efficient way to make good money.

Our club is in the process of opening a Bendigo Bank account to process contributions to get Mr John Travolta’s plane to Australia. This has been requested by HARS to help them out.  The cost of fuel alone is $300,000.00 so we are starting this now.

There is also a meeting regarding the Philippines Trip being held directly after our club meeting this Friday. All interested parties are welcome to attend and there will be some Rotary Members from Glenhaven coming down for that meeting as well.

In my weekly calendar I have proposed a Saturday Social Lunch to be held on 7 October for members to get together and enjoy each other’s company over a snag or two and perhaps that could be washed down. As our next meeting is a Club Assembly it would be a good opportunity to discuss the pros and cons and make a final decision.

The other date that needs to be set is for a clean up at the Battery. I am currently working out how much paint is needed to tell Council so that they will provide the amount and correct colours for the project. This is a big commitment from us but a needed one.

That is all for this week but I think that is enough.
Brian Ashe

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