A powerful team turned out at Puckeys to help out with the Council Spring Cleanup on Sunday 10/9.

Its not long since Suzie Crick from Surfriders gave a talk about the problem of plastic rubbish. We are doing something about it as well as keeping our town looking good.

Rob and Annette Edwards cleaned up a heap in the wilds around Cabbage Tree Creek

Chris and Bill did their usual sterling work collecting multiple bags along Cliff Road. Don’t ask what side of the fence they were on.

Elaine Hart, Brian, Wyn and Roberta Jansen and Rowan headed into Puckeys Estate and South of Cabbage Tree Creek. Here is Wyn in action. Or maybe a large heron. Or maybe Daniel Craig. I’m not sure.

wyn jansen in action

We met 2 good fellas from the Lions club who were taking registrations and checking no bags escaped.

Roberta won the “cleanup day glamour” prize at the wrapup at Mudcat with her highly visible footwear.

Thanks very much to everyone for coming.

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