Fig Tree Hospital Visit


Paul welcomed the club to the hospital and gave a brief summary of its history. Withe the building of the new Private hospital Fig Tree is creating a centre of excellence for Rehabilitation in the Illawarra. Paul invited some of his staff to talk about their functions

  • Varney – Physiotherapy
    • Physio is important as it supports the well being of patients through
      • Staying well
      • Staying mobile and
      • Staying Independent
    • Today is Physiotherapy Day and the the annual them is “Physical Activity for life”
    • Marney’s last message was “No Pain No Gain” is out while “Motion is Lotion” is in!!
  • Lucy – Occupational Therapy
    • Main philosophy to help maintain independence
    • Helping patients understand what that means
    • the developing strategies to achieve independence
    • Also, the work extends to the home environment as this must also be appropriate for independence
  • Tracy – Nursing
    • Nurses work closer with the patient
    • Work in an inter disciplinary environment for best outcomes
    • help facilitate the process of rehabilitation
  • Finally, all the above gave us an informative tour of the facility



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