Minutes of Meeting 25.8.17


Apologies  Peter Hill, Chris Boddington, Bill Wessel, Rowan Huxtable, Wyn Jannsen, Bernadette McNamara, Paul McKenna, Robyn Fanning, Norm Miller, Carol Jeffs
Extended Leave  Betsy Lilley,
Guests Mikayala Santalgelo, Isabella Masi, Liz Davis (St Mary’s)
Visiting Rotarians  Kerry Guillame (Fairy Meadow)

As our two guest speakers and teachers had a big day at school and had to leave early, the meeting opened with the guest speakers. The two girls, Mikayala and Isabella gave a full report of the activities undertaken at the recent RYLA weekend they had attended. Both commented that they had improved in self confidence from the weekend and felt able to tackle more things with that invigorated confidence. Both girls were appreciative of being sponsored and thanked the club for doing this. They had taken a number of photographs and these were shown during the presentation. The girls were thanked for their presentation and advised that this feedback is really necessary for our club to see that weekends sponsored by us, do bring benefit to the recipients.

Elaine gave a quick report on the Race Day meeting held this week. We have three sponsors but need more. If anyone knows of a company that might sponsor please tell Elaine a contact at the company or ask the company yourself if they would like to become a sponsor.

I indicated that I had been on a HARS Tour with the National Trust, organised by Michael Hough. I was startled at the size , the number of exhibits and the information given by various volunteers during the tour. If you have not been on a tour, find a grandson or some other child, to justify you going, and do the tour because you will love it and hopefully you return the child at the end.

John Pearman gave a report of the Philippines Meeting held on Thursday night. The meeting was very positive and brought forward quite a number of recommendations to be put in place before the next trip. The major changes were that an itinery was to be drafted outlining the amount of clinics that were to be undertaken. This itinery was to be observed and not changed without the Clinicians agreement. This was because last trip these clinics were changed and the medical and dental experts felt they were not being utilised with their expertise. There was also discussion on expanding the number of Philippine Rotary Clubs to be partners to this project. Myra will be travelling to the Philippines and will take some of this information with her.

Then a quick report of upcoming events was given.|
Bunnings were having an information night on Thursday 7 September from 5.30 to 7.30pm Bunnings have stated that they need at least two members form clubs to attend. Please inform Brian if you can attend.|
There is a possible combined meeting to be held in early November. Mr Jay Thorogood will speak on Rotary Solar Lights.

There being no further Business the raffle was held and fines completed.
The Raffle was won by Isla Bowen who selected the Red

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