Presidents Report : 11 August

This week in review was dominated by a Board Meeting and then the following discussion, at our Club Assembly of two very important matters that were raised.
The first matter raised was the Annual Christmas Raffle and if it was supported to run this year this year or not. Tony who has been responsible for the raffle stepped aside this year so a coordinator was to be found. Rowan volunteered his time to take on this project. The format will be altered as the sites for selling will be, Lifeline Book Fair, Kembla Grange Race Days and Members selling tickets to people, no roster to shop sites this year.  Rowan will organise a Raffle Committee meeting soon.  An enormous Thank You to Rowan.

The second item that generated a lot of discussion at Board was the Philippines project and if that would go ahead next year. John Bilboe, who had been the Coordinator of the Philippines Project as Director of Rotary Foundation on the Board, had to relinquish that position this year. John had done a sterling job over many years and has left a big hole to fill. The Board spoke of the Health and Dental commitment that has been given to this project in the past by members of our club. This was a very valuable donation of time and expertise and could not be overlooked. The decision was made to attempt to continue this project from our club. This was then taken to Club Assembly where there was support for the Board’s decision.

Stephen Swan then offered himself to become the Director of Rotary Foundation for the club. This has gone to all Board members for their vote. Again an enormous Thank You to Stephen for his offer and commitment to our club and the Philippines Project. I am also organising a meeting of the stakeholders of this project to take place in late August to begin to plan the next trip if the meeting supports that direction.

I am an apology for the next two weeks as I am going to Vietnam. Very Kindly David Swan has agreed to chair those meetings as a Past President and I thank him for that.     I will be back in two weeks and will see you all then.