President’s Report 31st July

Friday night was our first social night for the year. There were 14 people who attended, which was made up of members, partners and friends. There was ample food, in fact we could not eat all that came to the table. After Pizza then Pasta came then the main meal, Chicken or Veal. For all of this the cost was reasonable. I believe all enjoyed the chance to catch up with other club members and the social aspect of the night. There was no morning meeting on the 28 July because of the night out.

Since my last report I have attended a membership meeting, which agreed on a design for a business size card to be given out to any potential members. The card invites the person to attend a meeting, or contact the member who gave them the card. The card has on the back the space to record the members details of name, phone number and email address. This is our first strike at the recruitment campaign. I have also attended a Race Day meeting which is furthering the plans for the day.

I am also pleased to inform members that our two new people who attended our meeting, returned the next week. and seem keen to join. This has been helped by a very good Club Assembly and the following week a very good speaker, Henry Karpik talking about Vision Australia. Maybe things are looking up, no pun intended.

I have known Henry for over 40 years and some time ago he was afflicted with Macular degeneration, which because of other health problems he could not receive any treatment resulting in legal blindness. Henry showed us some aides he has to keep him more independent, such as an App on his phone that can tell him where he is and directions to get to a destination. The talk showed us what is being done to help vision impaired people and I believe members were impressed.

Next week there is a Board Meeting and on Friday, our guest speaker will be Sherryl Reddy from SCARF to tell us where they are at and what they are doing.
I will see you on Friday and stay well and safe till then at least.