MINUTES : Meeting of 21st July : Norm Miller



In Attendance : Brian Ashe, Tony McAdam, Elaine Hart, Bernadette McNamara, Peter Hill, Norm Miller, Rowan Huxtable, Elaine  De Vries, Michael Yabsley and Isla Bowen

Apologies :   Chris Boddington, Bill Wessel, Robyn Fanning, Ian Fargher, Yusuf Khalfou, Carol Jeffs, Peter Rixon, Wyn Jansen, Stephen Swan, John Pearman, Rob Edwards, John Bilbo, David Swan, Edith Wilson and Ian Wilson

Meeting opened at 7-30am with President welcoming all members.

Membership meeting was held at Rowan’s place which reviewed the “Rotary Card” which has been
sent to the “Board” for approval. Board members requested that the Club’s website be shown on
the “Card” which will be done and Rowan will get 500 printed.

A “Race day” meeting was held last night and Elaine advised that Southern IML has taken a “Silver
sponsorship and she is chasing Ramsay Health Care and hopes that they will also take a sponsorship
 together with John Pearman.

Elaine advised that we still need at least 4 more race sponsor. The committee has suggested doing
a “100 Club” whereby we sell 100 tickets at $20 each and the winner receives a $1,000 cash on the
day. We can sell more than one set and these tickets can also be sold prior to the race day. Elaine
also needs more prizes and stated that the committee recommends that we have less activities on
the day itself.


There is a film night to be held on the 18/08/17 and a meeting for the Imagination Library to be held at the MBC on the 27/07/17.

Isla advised that we have received a letter from Wollongong Council about the “Rise ’N’ Shine” during October/November. Rowan will arrange a date for our club to participate.

Norm gave a short video presentation on the ground breaking for the “Village Aide Program” construction of the “PDG Bill Little Memorial Library & Community Centre” being constructed on Jao Island (pronounced Howe), a remote island of the island of Bohol in the southern Philippines. He advised that they hoped to have the project completed in about 3-4 months depending on the rains as it is the rainy season in this region.
This island has 3 schools with over 1,000 children but that have no library facilities and this building will provide services not only to the children of the island but also to the local community.

Tony McAdam was our guest speaker and he spoke about the challenges that he has been facing over the past year and advised the members that he has been suffering from “Depression” and as a result, he had take a short leave of absence from the club and to taper off the activities that he was involved in.

Tony spoke about his family life and how money and inheritance issues can divide a family. He also spoke of this personal life and his relationship with Kattie and how his quality of life has improved as a result of this relationship.
Tony stated that the success of their relationship is due to the fact that they communicate with each other and he believes despite being a bachelor for most of his life, has now found his partner for life.

Tony will continue with this work in the media industry and continue with Rotary but at a reduced rate.
Tony advised the members that of the four crew members from the original flight of the Qantas 747 being the “City Of Canberra”, only two crew members are still living and efforts will be made to get these two persons together with the four crew member who flew this aircraft on its last flight to Wollongong, to be at the “Wings over the Illawarra” next year and an approach will be made to Qantas to see if they can assist in anyway with this event.

Rowan informed the members that his Choir has a concert on the 20/08/17 at 5pm the Community Energy Organisation investing in renewable energy will be having a meeting on the 24/08/17 and if anyone is interested in attending either event to contact Rowan.

Elaine Hart advised that she attended the 49th Anniversary of her View Club where the Guest speaker was John Ship, a local historian from the Local Wollongong Museum and she suggested that he would be a great speaker to get along to Rotary. The Club will follow this up.

SGT Elaine said that she was going to issue a “Blanket” fine, Ha ha, being so cold so she asked everyone one what type of blanket they had and fined everyone.

Rowan, Elaine and Brian all told a joke but I think everyone agreed that they should not give up their day jobs.

The raffle stands at $367.00 and Isla ticket was drawn to win half but she picked the 4 of spades and as usual, everyone was disappointed, ha ha. Michael was quick to grab the red wine.

There being no further business, President closed the meeting at 8-30am.


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