Henry Karpik Guest Speaker

Henry Karpik became a volunteer with Vision Australia in 2014. Henry is a Community Presenter who speaks about his personal experience and strategies of living with low vision to community groups and schools.

Henry has Aged Related Macular Degeneration and has been a client of Vision Australia since 2012 when his vision deteriorated rapidly. He now has very limited central vision and relies on his peripheral vision to see what little he can.

Before retiring in 2005 Henry was a Policeman for over 40 years with the NSW Police Force and finished his career as a Commander. His job involved lot of driving, using the computer and in the last few years he spent most of his time doing office work. He was also Treasurer of the Figtree Hotel Golf Club and the Figtree Lions Club which unfortunately, he had to give away when he lost his vision.

With the assistance of Vision Australia’s services, adaptive technology and orientation and mobility training Henry has been able to use a computer again, go to the gym and play golf with the help of his golfing partners. Although sometimes he is dubious of where they tell him the ball has landed!

Henry lives with his wife Sue. They have four children, one son and three daughters and four grandchildren.

When asked what he enjoys about volunteering with Vision Australia, Henry said “I like getting out and speaking to people about my experience and passing on the knowledge and techniques I have learnt”.