Minutes of Rotary Meeting 9th June, 2017


The New Constitution
Peter Rixon and Brian Ashe attended the Northern Illawarra Club President’s Meeting and reported back a number of things. The District Governor Elect informed us that the new Constitution has been ratified by Rotary International and for all intent really cannot be changed. This is because if it was altered by an individual club that altered version would have to be approved by Rotary International which would prove so time consuming and difficult that it would be almost impossible. However the new By Laws may have areas for change in individual clubs.
Police Checks
We were also informed and discussed the new rules for club members about working with children. The new rules were that as well as the Police Check, three individual personal references were to be obtained and each club was then to check those references. This rule was brought in by the Insurance Company and was to be complied with or there would be no insurance.

Isla then spoke of a night at the Arcadians who were performing “Wicked” at a date in August. A show of hands confirmed that there was interest for this. Isla was going to pursue this night and send an email out to all members.

Guest Speaker: Michael Beavis
Peter Rixon then introduced Michael Beavis, a student at the University of Wollongong, who was to talk on 3D printing. Michael started by stating that there was a club at the University interested in this topic and the club now had 260 members. Michael had also brought along a 3D printer which was printing a Rotary Wheel during his talk. The printer was small and transportable and was in terms not that expensive. The printer he was using was about $1,200.00 but you could by a 3D printer for under $300.00 at Aldi. This cheaper price has enabled schools to purchase these printers for learning for students.
Whilst these small printers have their place there is now an effort to produce much larger versions that would fill a room 10 metres by 20 metres that could take on perhaps building a house.
Michael likened the printer to a robot that has horizontal and vertical movement whilst spitting out hot plastic and building layer upon layer for the third dimension. China is now producing the basic house with printers they have developed.
The other area of production is in body organs. There has been a kidney made about half size that functioned for about 2 months in a laboratory. There has also been progress in that the material that is being used has developed to a point where the patient’s DNA is being infused so that there would be no rejection or drugs needed to stop this rejection. The other part is that you need a programme for your computer to have 3D capacity but that programme is available on the net to be downloaded onto your computer.
The question was then asked “Could a gun be produced that would not show on metal detections at events or the airport’? This was answered in the positive that it could be done and has been done in America where a person made a gun and took it through airport detection and was able to fire it. During this firing a small piece of the gun broke and from this small piece Police could determine where it was sold and to whom. This is because each material used in the 3Dprinter was distinctive in their make up and could be traced.
Michael was thanked for his very interesting talk

The Raffle was won by Stephen Swan who selected the four of Hearts and so then selected the Red

Apologies: Chris Boddington, Bill Wessel, Rob Edwards, Elaine Hart, Rowan Huxtable, Wyn Jannsen, Bernadette McNamara.
Extended Leave: Betsy Lilley, Tony McAdam
Guests: Michael Beavis (Guest Speaker)
Visiting Rotarians: Nil

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