Minutes of Breakfast Meeting : 2nd June, 2017

Apologies: Chris Boddington, Bill Wessel, Rob Edwards, Elaine DeVries, Edith Wilson, Janice Pettitt
Extended Leave: Betsy Lilley, Tony McAdam
Guests: Nil
Visiting Rotarians: Nil
International Toast: Nil

President Peter’s Report
He attended the District Assembly and the club now has our Banner for 2017/2018 year.
Janice Pettitt was still in Harden looking after family members.
Ellen Hogarth was still looking after her relative and would not be returning to the club.
Elaine DeVries was improving after her surgery. The surgery had caused the need for 100 stitches in her arm and while she was improving she is fed up with just being at home watching TV.
Welcome back John
John Bilboe returned to the club this morning in a beanie because he has no hair. John had done this because Darren, his son, was losing his hair because of the treatment he was receiving. John said he was in good health which was confirmed by his Doctor, and his son Darren recently being diagnosed with Non Hodgskin’s Lymphoma and can only have medication as treatment, which he is doing. All members wished John and his family well.
Peter Hill’s surprise Guest Speaker
Peter Hill is having a run of bad luck with speakers as a University student was coming to talk about Mt Everest but informed Peter last night she was not able to come. Stephen Swan was then asked, with little notice, to speak and Stephen agreed.
A special story, close to home.
Stephen then introduced what his talk was about, Clair Trestrail, a nurse, who as a young lady  was in Scotland when World War 1 broke out. Clair signed up for service and was quickly sent to Belgium where they set up a 100 bed hospital which became full very quickly. A Quote from Clair at the time was “Bullets are not the worry, shrapnel was because  it tore limbs off as well as other horrific injuries.”
When the Germans approached the town the nurses carried the heavy men downstairs into the cellar for protection. From this the nurses were evacuated back to England leaving all their equipment and clothing behind. The people of England rallied and by the next morning there was 400 Pounds given to these nurses to purchase more equipment and uniforms. Sister Clair Trestrail returned to France where she set up another hospital in a Chateau. Clair was awarded the 1914 Star commonly called the Mons Star. This medal was given to only two Nurses and Clair was one. Her medals are now in the War Memorial in Canberra and are displayed to the public at times.
Clair returned and married Stephen Swan, the grand farther of Stephen and David, and spent her last years in Sydney. The story of an extraordinary Australian Nursing Sister.
The Raffle
The Raffle was won by Rowan Huxtable who selected the Queen of Hearts and so then selected the Red.