Minutes of Meeting : 26 May, 2017


Apologies: Chris Boddington, Bill Wessel, Rowan Huxtable, Rob Edwards, Isla Bowen, Michael Yabsley, Robyn Fanning, Yusef Kahalfan, Carol Jeffs
Extended Leave: Betsy Lilley, John Bilboe, Tony McAdam
Guests: Nil
Visiting Rotarians: Nil
International Toast: Nil

Peter Rixon advised us that the New Constitution had been sent out to all members. There will be a Special Meeting on 6 June 2017 to discuss the Constitution and if appropriate adopt it. President Peter Rixon spoke briefly for the adoption of the new Constitution.

Peter advised us that our Change Over Lunch will cost $60.00 and will be at the Novotel on Sunday 25 June 2017 beginning at 12md.

Brian Ashe advised the meeting that there was a need for a President Elect and a Director of Rotary Foundation for the coming Rotary year. This had come about because of personal reasons of the previous candidates. If anybody is interested in either of those positions please contact any member of the Board as the Board may fill those vacancies.

Peter Rixon then introduced Peter Hill who was going to talk about his latest trip to Nepal. Peter agreed to do this as the booked speaker could not come today.

Peter then informed us that his trip was to the Upper Mustang area, a place that was not open to tourists, until recently, because it was politically involved in the skirmish between China and Tibet as a “No Go Zone”. Peter’s first slides were of his bus trip which travelled 200 kilometres but took 9 hours. This was on one of the better roads as it had some bitumen surfaces but was one lane with many trucks going both ways. Peter described this as a luxury coach compared to some of the others.
Peter then took another 9 hour bus trip which was called the “Bone Jarring “ trip and he agreed that was an appropriate name. He hit his head on the roof of the coach three times because of the holes and rocks in the ‘Road”. Some of the slides gave an indication into this road as it was impossible to identify any road in the pictures shown. Peter showed a number of pictures of villages, hotels, monasteries, mountains and tracks. Some were postcards of the snow covered peaks in the distance others were stark reminders of the poverty of the country particularly on of the toilets, roads that consisted of boulders and steep drops if miscalculated and to finish one photo of the “Yak Donalds Hotel” complete with yellow arches of two yaks. Peter also described one monastery and had photos, where a monk had lived for the last 12 months. In discussion Peter learnt that this Monk had lived in Sydney for 12 months prior to this position. Peter was also surprised when the Monk pulled out his I-pad which he had solar panels to recharge the thing.

This pictorial presentation was all done in areas that were between 3,000 metres and 4,200 metres above sea level. The presentation was well received with one comment “why do we have guest speakers when there are members doing these things and able to presented to the club”.

The Raffle was won by David Swan who collected the money (over $700.00) and donated that money straight back to Ride 4 Rotary.



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