Minutes of Rotary meeting 19 May 2017


Apologies; Chris Boddington, Bill Wessel, Rowan Huxtable, Rob Edwards
Extended Leave; Betsy Lilley, John Bilboe, Tony McAdamG
Guests; Jacinta Pinkster
Visiting Rotarians; Nil

International Toast: Nil
This meeting was a club assembly;
Peter Rixon advised the meeting that Tony has given his costing report to Board Members about Swing into Wings. This report will be looked at by the Board and reported back to the members. Our Change Over Luncheon is to be held on Sunday 25 June 2017 and will be $60 per head, not $80 as put in the invitation. (Peter was trying to make some money) Peter also told us that the Mayor had been verbally invited and this will be backed up by a written application.
Peter then invited all members to think about nominations for a Paul Harris award and to send those nominations to him. We are also to think about who could be nominated for Club Member for the Year.
Peter and Stephen were at John Bilboe’s house packing boxes for the Philippines and now report back that John is doing very well. He looks fit and is walking a lot. They packed 36 boxes with computers and fitted sheet sets and blankets as padding which will also be given to the needy in the Philippines. Peter also told us that John’s son is now receiving medication and whilst he is suffering the side effects he has not lost his appetite and is in good spirits.
Peter also reported that Keith McKay was in hospital with a broken ankle. He hopes to be back on his unicycle as soon as possible.
Brian then introduced Jacinta Pinkster from Dream Big Dancers to show us a video made from the Dream Big Dancers Performance at Woonona Bulli RSL Club. The video was a collage of pictures taken at this performance and comments were made that the smiles on the dancers were worth 10,000 words and no better way of showing the joy felt by those dancers. It was their night. There were some questions then asked and answered after which Brian invited Jacinta to the lectern to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between Dream Big Dancers and the Rotary Club of Illawarra Sunrise. This Memorandum is the first undertaken by our club and fixes each partner’s commitment for a period of three years. Brian Ashe then signed for the club with all signatures witnessed by Peter Rixon. With the formalities completed a cheque for $5,000 was given to Dream Big Dancers as our first action towards what we are committed to do under the Memorandum.
Jacinta thanked the club and indicated this money would go a long way to purchase the equipment needed to expand what was being done at present.
Bernadette then informed us that a small group had been formed to revitalise our club’s interest in the youth exchange programme and what has to be done before we put our hand up. Host families need to be in place before any youth exchange is undertaken. There may be a need to partner with another club to be able to participate in the exchange.
We need to find out more about a shorter programme of three months exchange that may be available. This programme is believed to be between Australia and New Zealand only at this time. Host parents do not need to be Rotarians but they do need to comply with all the checks for hosting children, the same as we must.
David then spoke on Ride 4 Rotary which is on this Sunday (weather permitting). So far $9,000 has been raised with more to come. There is a need for club members on the day to assist with marshalling and other similar tasks. David will be overseeing those roles on the day.
Peter told us that we have a new Constitution, written by District, which addresses both Rotary needs and State Government Legislation. Peter will send all members an email with the constitution attached for their information. Peter then gave notice that a vote will be taken at an extraordinary meeting in 4 weeks, to add to, to delete from, to change or alter so that we can adopt the new Constitution for our club.
Peter gave Edith a cheque for $200 to give to St Mary’s interact club to add to their Murder Mystery Night total.
Carol then informed the club that she was going overseas for a while to meet up with some family gatherings. Carol was given well wishes for her travels.
The Raffle was won by Edith who collected a bottle of wine.

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