Presidents report – 7th to 13th May 2017-05-15


As this week was a little slow, I have had an opportunity to prepare for:

  1. Changeover luncheon 25th June starting at 12:00pm.
    1. Guest list,
    2. Awards,
    3. Program
  2. Upcoming board meeting – 17th May at 6:00pm for 6:15pm start,
  3. Review our Swing into Wings, over 200 people attended on Saturday 6th It was a good evening as the ambiance of the hanger with military aircraft of yesterday and modern. Parked either inside or just outside the hanger doors.  The weather was great as well.  This coming Thursday PP Tony will hold a wash-up meeting.  Where we will discuss:
    1. Ticket Purchase,
    2. Program for the night,
    3. Catering both the nibbles and main meals,
    4. Bar area which will include drinks and staff,
    5. 747
    6. Hanger layout,
    7. Master of Cerimonies.
  4. National Youth Science Forum (NYSF,) the club has had three enquiries so far from parents who are interested in their daughter or son to attend. As a club we support our Interact students from St Mays Star of the Sea.  We have sponsored our applicant 50% of the costs.  Last January PP Carol was part of the Rotary team there in Canberra supporting the hundreds of eager, excited and passionate future students of the sciences.
  5. Our guest speaker Dr Christian Swann has asked me to mention to the club members that he is currently running a research project at UOW which is particularly interested in participants aged 50+.
    The aim is to try and find ways of making exercise/physical activity more enjoyable, in order to help the 60% of Australians not currently meeting guidelines to be more active.
    It only takes an hour, and we provide $20 vouchers (e.g., for coffee/lunch at the uni, or for Coles/Myer, cinema tickets, Early Start Discovery Space, etc) as a thank you.
    During that hour, we just do a mini-fitness test based on a walking task around a basketball court, measure heart rate, and take some questionnaire scores, so it isn’t strenuous. We’d love to invite any Rotary members who are interested to come along.

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