President’s Report – 30th April to 6th May


A big week, New Generations committee met on Wednesday night 3rd May at Bernadette’s home.  Besides Bernie, there was Rowan and I.  The agenda of the meeting focussed on Youth Exchange.  The committee was in accord with the fact that our youth exchange program in the past has been of value to both the club and youth involved.

A number of points were raised and we focussed on two important points.  Firstly as a club, are we willing to be involved in the youth exchange program?  Secondly, do we as a club join with another club in a partnership or will we do all the organising of the youth exchange ourselves?  Please consider as club member’s opinions are welcomed.

Swing into Wings committee met on Thursday afternoon in the cafeteria at the HAR’s Hanger.  Besides Tony, there was Carol, Stephen and myself.  Paul from the Rusty Catz, Sheryl Heston and Joan Della Huntey were in attendance as well.

The meeting focussed several points, firstly, hanger layout for the band, bar, food, table layout.  Secondly, the table layout for drinks on the 747.  Thirdly, the hanger decorations.  Fourthly, greeting guests as they arrived.


Interact, Murder Mystery Night at Saint Marys Star of the Sea.  Seven club members attended a marvellous night.  The students were well organised with the room layout and food.  Two points of interest were that the students love their lollies.

Bags of lollies and slices of pizza were for saleon the night.  Both lollies and pizza were in demand.  The other point of interest was the majority who attended were students.   Rotarians and Principal and deputy principal and two teachers were the older age group.  I asked where the parents were?  The Interacter’s did not want their parents at this Murder Mystery event.

The night went well and our Interacter club is to be praised as they raised just under $500 for their chosen charity.  On behalf of the club I have congratulated our Interact club in writing.  I also intend to make a presentation of $200 as well.

Saturday was District Assembly which was held at Greystanes High School.  Both Brian and I attended.  I recommend that those who have never been to a District Assembly, attend the next one in 2018, probably in late April.

I had a chance to join in with the discussion concerning youth exchange.  There are two different types and the program we have been involved with is for 12 months.  This program allows us to send out (Out Bound) students and to host a student (In bound) from several selected countries.

Saturday Night was our Swing into Wings event.  It was a great success and credit to Tony McAdam and his committee.  It was a busy night with greeting our guests. I discussed Rotary business with District Governor Stephen Humphries, his wife Judith and District Governor Elect Stephen Brittan and his wife Jane.

Thank you to Carol for the Air Officers hats supplied and detail to the table decorations.  Big thank you to all who stayed behind to help pack up.  All completed in one hour.

There is going to be a wash up meeting for Swing into Wings to be held soon.

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