Minutes of Rotary meeting 5 May 2017



John Pearman, Chris Boddington, Bill Wessel, Elaine De vries, Bernadette McNamara
Extended Leave; Betsy Lilley, John Bilboe, Tony McAdam



Visiting Rotarians; Nil

International Toast: No International Toast was proposed

Our President welcomed Peter Hill Back from Nepal.

Stephen Swan then raised the trip to Fort Scratchley on Wednesday 3 May 2017 undertaken by Brian and Stephen and our special visit to our Nordonfelt Gun. The gun was in 2 pieces in the factory and had quite a lot of work done on it. There were several crown gears, a worm and thread, 2 new trunion caps all individually made and the base and mount had been separated so that the gun would turn both laterally and vertically. There was still some further work to be done and we were assured that it would be done. Andrew was the person who both owned the engineering shop and the person who had the expertise because he had completed the restoration of the Nordonfelt Gun at Fort Scratchley up to actual firing ability. Both Stephen and I were impressed with what had been done but also the ability and commitment of Andrew. No time frame was given because the Gun is only worked on when the factory is quiet.

Peter Hill then gave a short report on his trip to Nepal. His first comment was on Occupational Health and Safety of which there was little if any. Hazards were assessed by the individual by assessing the height of the drop next to you and how much it would hurt if you were to disregard that there was no fence and ventured too close. There was an experience where 2 buses met on this very high road with a perilous drop on one side. Peter closed his eyes and hoped as the rear vision mirror of the other bus rubbed against his window and his bus was on the drop side. It was worked out and the buses finally got past each other intact. Peter also told of his visit to a monastery, in a canyon cave, that was built over 800 years ago. It was a 45 minute walk down into the cave and there was a monk currently living there. The monk had been living there for a year. After talking to the monk Peter found out that he had lived in Sydney a few years ago and could talk about Marrickville and surrounding suburbs. Then to Peter’s surprise the monk pulled out his ipad and showed himself shovelling snow out of the entrance of the cave. The local villages also supported the monk in his everyday needs. Peter was asked to put himself on the speakers programme and give a presentation, with pictures.

Rob then reported that he manned a stand in a conference in Melbourne for 3 days. This was very successful in achieving sponsors and contacts to assist him in the work he continues to do in Fiji. Rob believes that with the support achieved he can organise for every school in Fiji to be equipped with solar panels in the very near future.

Ian then gave us 3 jokes which I am sure Edith will have something to say when they arrive home. The jokes would not have been politically correct in 1950 but the whole audience was laughing. Only jokes that Ian could say and get away with.
Peter then reminded us about the Murder Mystery Night with the Ladies of St Mary’s. Tickets still available at the door and are only $10.00. Peter also told us that for the dinner dance, Swing into Wings” there was no help required in setting up but if a few people could stay behind to help clean up if they were able.
The Raffle was won by Stephen Swan who collected a bottle of wine

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