President’s report – 16th to 22nd April 2017


Congratulations to Di North who has been elected District Governor 2019/2020.

Three great meetings were held during the week.  Firstly the Board of the Club met on Wednesday Night with the following highlighted discussions.

  • Dress standard, club members to wear appropriate clothes to suit the situation where they represent the club. Where possible to wear our Rotary polo shirt in the community.  Wear our name badge when representing our club in the community.
  • Christmas Raffle, a report by IPP Tony McAdam has been presented to the board. Tony has made several recommendations as well as to say he is no longer able to manage the Christmas Raffle this year.  I will present at the next Club assemble Tony’s recommendations.
    • Thank you Tony for your administration and leadership with our Christmas Raffle.
  • Membership committee was held and the following activities were discussed and acted upon:
    • Video clip, why join Rotary has been produced and is being edited.
    • Club membership cost, a presentation of the breakup of our club fees to help with the understanding of the money disbursement.
    • Development of a Memorandum of Understanding to use with major charities our club supports.

Swing into wings meeting was held at the HARS hanger and present was Carol, Tony and myself from our club.  Joan Della Hunter representing HARS, Sheryl who is looking after the table and serving staff and Cheryl from golden roast spit.  The organising of Swing into Wings event is proceeding well and just a couple of tweaking points to report.

  • Nibbles were to be served onboard the 747 aircraft. It was recommend that nibbles be served in the HARS hanger were it will be easier for the service staff.  Champagne to be served on the 747 aircraft only.  HARS volunteers to take groups of 10 onboard the plane.
  • Setting up of our event at the hanger will need to commence at 3:30pm and most importantly for as many members to help clean up after the event commencing at 10:30pm.

On a little belated note, I presented to Support Accommodation and Homelessness Services Shoalhaven Illawarra better known as SAHSSI the Easter eggs collected.  They were distributed to children whose mother/parents are in financial hardship which has or is leading to homelessness.  Thank you to Club members for your generous support.

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